Prudence And Perfidy

Before these days of turbulence turn into a time of disorder isn’t it reasonable for the prudent citizens of Bucks County to turn to our elected local officials for a better understanding of how we can work together to protect our families and properties before, during and after any disaster befalls us?

While Bucks County citizens are fortunate to have access to county information through the web site where much helpful information can be found, there is information there that can use clarification.

What can’t be found are details about FEMA response and the help County officials expect it to provide. If mayhem strikes the Delaware Valley in a bold and coordinated fashion how long can the Thin Blue Line stretched across Bucks County’s 604 square miles be considered a viable, effective counter force? Twenty-four to thirty-six hours? More? Less? How long will it take FEMA to respond to any other than a weather related disaster? Citizens are usually just told to hunker down. Are there better ways to actually help law enforcement and protect ourselves?

These questions are raised partly out of concern over the recent action of Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter who ordered the Philadelphia Police Department to no longer cooperate with Immigration Control and Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security.

Concern is further based on awareness that our National borders have become increasingly porous over the last two decades; a conservative estimation would describe them as open for at least the last two years.

Additionally, two little discussed elements are in play because of our transparent borders, one more perilous than the other.

In 2013, mainstream newspapers reported the presence of Mexican drug cartels taking up residence in the United States.1 Those reports, based on a Foreign Policy magazine article2, outlined the insidious invasion.

The shooting war the Mexican government has been engaged in with the cartels since 2006 has wreaked havoc across their Country. Does anyone believe it would be any different if cartels get firmly established in the U.S.?

You cannot dismiss the existing influence the cartels already have here in the United States4 nor can you then claim that influence will diminish in these fertile plains where the Rule of Law is losing its meaning.

In their 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment the FBI reports:

Many US-based gangs have established strong working relationships with Central America and Mexico-based DTOs (drug trafficking organizations) to perpetuate the smuggling of drugs across the US-Mexico and US-Canada borders. MDTOs (Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization) control most of the cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana trafficked into the United States from Mexico and regularly employ lethal force to protect their drug shipments in Mexico and while crossing the US-Mexico border…5

In 2006, the House Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Investigations released a report titled: A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border.6 That report made it clear our national security was being breached by individuals from ‘special interest’ countries known to the intelligence community as countries that could export terrorist teams to our country.

In 2005, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended approximately 650 such individuals.

Federal law enforcement estimates that only 10 to 30 percent of invaders are apprehended indicating that in 2005 alone more than 2,000 individuals from special interest countries slipped across our border undetected.

Using 2,000 as a base figure derived from the 30 percent apprehension estimate, we can accept a conservative estimate of a nine year flow of 2,000 individuals sneaking in per year resulting in a terrorist force of 18,000 equal to an over staffed Marine Corps Division.

Using the 10 percent formula, we’re talking about a terrorist army in place.

The updated Line in the Sand Report7 dated 2012 is no less grim.

Does it not appear reasonable then that Bucks County Commissioners take a serious look at their responsibility to the citizens of Bucks County and endorse then develop an active citizen defense network? Such an endorsement would be fully in keeping with the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

It is time to stop ignoring the reality of what is facing us.


That was a letter submitted 6/18/14 to the local newspaper and I can imagine the howls of derision it will generate if it is published; but there is a rest of the story.

“Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla” is a recently published book written by David Kilcullen. Mr. Kilcullen is a graduate of the Australian military school, Duntroon, and served in airmobile light infantry units and as a military advisor on missions across Southeast Asia. He saw action in Iraq in 2006.

His book jacket bio states he also served as a senior advisor to both General Petraeus and Secretary of State Condaleezza Rice during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before moving on to fieldwork to support aid agencies, NGO’s and local communities in conflict and disaster affected regions. Kilcullen also focused on developing new ways to think about complex conflicts in highly networked urban environments. He uses Mogadishu, Mumbai and Kingston, Jamaica as models of the shifting techniques of war to asymmetric methods of conflicts involving non-state armed combatants engaged in terrorism, guerrilla warfare, subversion and cyber warfare which typically avoid contact with state sponsored military might.

He supports his point of view with NGO, academic, urban sociologists and think tank studies, some of whom have been studying the problem of future urbanization for more than a decade. It is because of the interest of those groups in the structural development of feral cities I have put such credence in Mr. Kilcullen’s work.

A feral city, a concept developed by Dr. Richard J. Norton is defined as:

… a metropolis with a population of more than a million people in a state the government of which has lost the ability to maintain the rule of law within the city’s boundaries yet remains a functioning actor in the greater international system…

State and international authorities, Norton points out, would be massively ignorant of the power structures, population and activities within feral cities.

But would they? After a decade of studies wouldn’t criminal political leaders have a grasp on the value of feral cities, or even a nation, they can manage?

Feral cities do not develop from a vibrant, healthy community. A healthy community, whether it is a city or a nation has to first be transformed, changed fundamentally, before it can begin its descent to feral status.

What better beginning for that transformation than a multi decade attack on its culture, followed up by a massive importation of third world people used to displace the increasingly confused citizens who are witnessing their world turn upside down while being told by their political leaders everything will be ok?

Using Mogadishu, Kilcullen describes the sustained feral state level of operational existence. It has corruption, functioning businesses, international connectedness, population growth, non-state armed groups and state representatives. He describes it as a well-established ferality. I think of it as a globalist’s dream.

Kilcullen shows the 2008 Mumbai attack as a lesson in how terrorists used the coastal slums to meld in with the ‘normal background clutter’ on their way to their targets and modern technology to keep contact with their tactical operations center in Pakistan. In a sixty hour long attack, ten terrorists killed 163 people, wounded 304 and caused $18M in damage.

Imagine what damage tens of thousands of terrorists who have already crossed our broken borders could unleash on the hated Great Satan.

Kilcullen’s next example of a feral society was the Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica. Its story seems more like the result of an experiment undertaken by globalist minded social scientists. The experiment’s likely ending took place in 2010.

It must be understood, Kilcullen is advancing a multi-tiered theory of a fast approaching dystopian world and what I’m relating is only a part of it. He draws a picture of a likely future that argues very clearly we must build our own security network to prepare for what is fast approaching.

That he uses, as noted above, NGO’s et al to support his position clearly indicates some involvement of the forces of Hocus Pocus. That only emphasizes the need for us to pay attention. The global elite show little concern about publicizing plans for the future.

To better appreciate the Tivoli Garden story some Jamaican history is helpful.

After taking Jamaica from the Spanish in 1655, British rule over Jamaica continued unabated until August 6, 1962. Gaining independence was a long process for Jamaica that started in earnest with the labor riots of 1938.

From those riots, two populist leaders emerged. The leftist Peoples National Party was founded by Norman Washington Manley the year of the riots.

On July 8, 1943 businessman Alexander Bustamante, a distant cousin of Manley, formed the Jamaica Labour Party as the political wing of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union. The JLP was viewed as a center-right organization. Both organizations pursued progressive agendas.

Another source for Jamaican history can be found at

There are many similarities in the programs built into Jamaica’s initial years of independence listed on the JLP website and the progressive programs being shoved down our throats in the U.S. today. The new Jamaican government’s effort to take care of everybody eventually overburdened their limp along economy.

To make matters worse both political parties were using and supporting gangs to achieve their ends. It was only a matter of time before what became known as “garrison communities” emerged.

Garrison communities are the foundation of a feral city or nation. Again, feral community is the term used to describe the informal system of security and order that emerges in marginalized urban settlements. Some refer to them in the U.S. as no go zones.

Tivoli Gardens was a slum controlled by a criminal government headed by Christopher ‘Dudas’ Coke who followed his father and brother as the leader of a ‘transnational criminal syndicate’, the Shower Posse. You couldn’t find a better working model of the globalist idea of a perfect world than Tivoli Gardens.

Then why would the JLP led government of Jamaica launch such a devastating attack on that feral community at the behest of the U.S. Government to arrest and extradite Christopher Coke? Coke had a good relationship with the JLP. He had many government contacts he used to bring work into the community. It might have been a feral community but it was a stable feral community.

And there, in all likelihood, was the problem.

Tivoli Gardens might have been stable but when you’re shooting up Canada and the U.S. you had better be aligned with political Operators way above the level of the Jamaican government.

Illegal immigrants from south of the border kill, kidnap and rape Americans regularly. Our federal government even encourages them to steal from American taxpayers. Somehow those crimes are no cause for alarm.

So far, the U.S. government’s efforts to engage the Mexican drug cartels as they move into our cities cannot be compared to the effort they invested in pursuing the Shower Posse. Surely, the cartels kill many more people than Coke’s crews did.

The Cartel’s drugs kill even more of us. They have even been known to partner up with Hezbollah; so where’s the angry White House press release about the cartels setting up shop in the U.S.?

Has the concept of ‘plata o plomo’been introduced during one of the many Executive Branch trips across the Rio Grande? On the other hand, at that level el plata grande should be all that is required to reach an understanding.

No, Christopher Coke, an independent criminal ruler of an independent feral community, like the dictators of the non-integrating North African nations removed during the elitist inspired and Obama supported Arab Spring a few years later, had to be removed. He might have modeled what the elite crave on a grand scale but there is no place in the New World Order for an independent dictator from the slums.

As Kilcullen points out, people can and do adapt to a lack of infrastructure. They even adapt to organized crime networks like the Shower Posse or terrorist groups like al Qaeda. The inhabitants of the Third World have proven they can live in the meanest of circumstances as long as the group they live under is predictable and consistent.

A group that establishes a system of normalcy with rules and sanctions that define safety, offsets uncertainty and lack of predictability might not be embraced but they will be accepted.

Thus even a feral city under stress can be productive for the globalists as long as it has a predictability inherent in the rules set by the group in power.

It doesn’t matter if the rules are liked or those in charge are admired. If they provide predictability, people feel safe from whatever the conflict was that created the deep uncertainty in their lives.

That bias seems to be well understood today by the globalists. It also supports the observation that the world wide influx of Third World refugees flooding Western Civilization today were unleashed by the globalists as an easily controlled replacement for those of us imbued with at least a partial understanding of what freedom and liberty means.

When political pirates take control of a government and use the government’s power to remove all sense of order and predictability citizens lose confidence in government. As I see it, that’s being done in the U.S. to purposely change the normal expectations of a self-reliant, independent free people into a needy, dependent people dependent on government as a dispenser of survivor cheese reserves.

Remember, replacements are already here who are happy to scurry around a cheese dispensing truck in the best of times.

A more basic human requirement is the need for a level of confidence in those they rely on to rule.

During the transformation of any stable state, frustration generated by that loss of confidence can reach a level that could open the doors of tumult. If that tumult is compounded by an organized and unprepared for terrorist ground assault, count on a tyranny to follow that would extinguish the light of the Republic God blessed us with followed by the start of a technically driven world wide Dark Age intent on destroying human spirit and free will. It will not be pleasant.

We don’t have to go through that if we return to God now, commit to His Word and reject the lies of the humanist based values of the New World Order. For God demands liberty for His people and serves justice to those who deny it:

Therefore thus saith the LORD; Ye have not hearkened unto me, in proclaiming liberty, every one to his brother, and every man to his neighbour: behold, I proclaim a liberty for you, saith the LORD, to the sword, to the pestilence, and to the famine; and I will make you to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth (Jeremiah 34:17)


15July2014 release from FEMA. Link is fixed as of 26July2014.

…This Strategic Plan is not a check-the-box document that will sit on a shelf. It was developed through the participation of a large group of dedicated people, and the Plan will be executed by the entire Agency working together with external partners. I am committed to basing FEMA’s resource decisions going forward on achieving the outcomes we have set forth in this Plan.

FEMA, however, is just one part of the Nation’s emergency management team. We will be successful only if we build, sustain, and draw upon the capabilities of the whole community. I look forward to working with partners throughout Federal, state, and local governments; tribal governments; the private sector; faith-based and non-profit communities; and citizens across our country to bring about the outcomes set forth in this Plan. Your support and engagement will ensure our collective success.
W. Craig Fugate
FEMA Administrator

Well, there you go. FEMA is encouraging citizen involvement. Make sure you read the Strategic Plan yourself and then get busy organizing your neighborhoods. They likely want to share that billion rounds stash they’re collecting

Update 25July2014

Update 06 Aug 2014

Update 11 Aug 2014

Update 23 Aug 2014

Keeping David Kilcullen’s book “Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla” in mind.

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  2. Latest border report from Texas.

    Operation Strong Safety

    Tweak two words in Simon and Garfunkel’s America and you’ll gain complete understanding of the movers and shakers intent. From top to bottom. From the criminal enablers in the White House down to the idiot socialist tools of change who bought the fascist Elite’s lies of government sinecure. For a price higher than they’ve sold their souls they bring the terrorists, the murderers, deviates, thieves and grifters who drag the hell hole they claim they’ve left behind to a neighborhood already victimized by the political conditioning process of Section 8 housing, hostile to those who took the money and ran but, through the salacious eyes of their coyote church, they see the means to their planned end and no one, not one, from top to bottom will admit they’ve all come to rip off America

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