Halal: The Unseen Camel in Our Tent

Have you noticed the Halal signs in the meat department of your local grocery store, lately? They are pretty hard to miss. But what about in the baby food section? Or the soup section? Or the ice cream freezer? Have you recognized the Muslim Brotherhood’s fingers in your pocketbook in those departments?

Just because you missed them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You will find the Halal marker on products through out the store if you know what to look for.

Are you wondering what’s the big deal? So what if the muslims have their own food stamp?

Well, it’s not a complicated story. In fact, it can be reduced to one word. Jihad.

The Halal/Jihad connection begins with the alliance formed by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) as reported in the 03 July 2013 newsletter, Halal Focus.

The problem with that association is The Islamic Society of North America, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, heads the list of Islamic groups named on page fifteen of the incriminating document seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the investigation of the so called Holy Land Foundation criminal conspiracy, a 1990’s Jihadi criminal conspiracy designed and implemented with the destruction of Western civilization, and yours, in mind.

From Understanding the Role of the Muslim Brother in North America:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

Before going further into the Muslim Brotherhood’s Grand Jihadi plan let’s examine the politics of halal.

…It was in 2010 that the mufti of Bosnia “”…” Mustafa Ceric urged Muslims to “conquer the world through Halal movement” and this explains why there is a rise in halal foods in non-Islamic countries where leaders are oblivious to the larger plan…

Oh my. A larger plan. It sounds so…unfriendly.

The Hudson Institute report “The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States” clearly presents the Muslim Brotherhood’s role and the intent of their plans to “destroy the U.S. from within” and that “…the U.S. MB has been comprised of a covert infrastructure upon which was built a series of public organizations, sometimes referred to by the Brotherhood as “fronts.”…”

There are numerous credible sources for information on the relentless efforts in transforming our Nation into another Islamic state. The question is, how does the Halal designation play into that?

The Christian Broadcasting Network explains the complexities built into Halal:

… “Islam is trying to impose itself in the public area. I am not stigmatizing Islam. I am simply describing the situation when Islam’s radical wing tries to impose itself over our republican laws,”…

,,, “Islam is introducing sharia into our society and that’s not clear for people,” Alain Wagner, a French activist with the Alliance Against Sharia, said. “When you see halal food in shops you think, ‘Oh, it’s just a kind of food.’ No. it’s sharia.”…

…When French journalist and author Alexandre del Valle began investigating how the Muslims Brotherhood was attempting a mafia-style takeover of France’s Halal food industry, his life was threatened.

“Nearly 60 percent of halal food is controlled by organizations belonging to the Muslim brotherhood,” he explained. …

Some say halal food is no different than Kosher, but Wagner disagrees. “No, it’s not like kosher food. Kosher-eating people are not preaching for the destruction of democracy. Halal is sharia.”

It turns out Halal certification is not required. Muslims are even permitted to eat Kosher food. That Halal section in the supermarket? The symbol the corporate food producers put on their labels? Pure BS. Watch the movie.

Halal is being introduced into the West stealthily now because most Western nation’s Muslim populations are in single digits. In the United States Muslim make up only 2.11% of our population.

Why, the entire North American Muslim population is a mere 1.71%. This Grand Jihad plan would never succeed if they were open and honest with their intentions. The criminal political leadership understands that but they knowingly impel US to comply with Sharia law by forcing US to pay the jizya tax through the ignorant purchase of foodstuffs bearing the Halal stamp. That makes US dhimmis, subjects and supporters of Jihad.

Sharia means the ‘way’ or ‘path’. Islamic sharia law refers to the whole system of principles and rules which Muslims and dhimmis are required to live by.

Halal leads to Sharia. Sharia leads to death and destruction.

And it sounds like the perfect Hocus Pocus One World Religion.


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