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“If cowardly and dishonorable men sometimes shoot unarmed men with army pistols or guns, the evil must be prevented by the (p.17)penitentiary and gallows, and not by a general deprivation of constitutional privilege.”…Wilson v. State, 33 Ark. 557, at 560, 34 Am. Rep. 52, at 54 (1878)

I am not going to go on about why we have a right to bear arms like I have in the past. Many throughout our history have done so more eloquently as shown above.

I will, however, offer an argument that there are matters of greater social consequence than gun ownership.

It is an argument meant to help folks resist accepting the wretched national characteristic of dependency on government the left constantly tries to convince US to absorb.

While the democrats like to draw their followers into a self constructed valley of anguish here are some daily preventable events that cause more loss of life than guns do.

Before we enter that valley, visit this memorial to the truth of, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Click on the pictures of the victims at gunmemorial.org for thousands of more reasons why law abiding citizens will never give up Second Amendment protection.

Death by automobile was mentioned before but it is a subject worth nagging to the children about.

Death by drugs will never go away if the democrats refuse to engage the public at the level they are trying to shape public opinion about gun control. I mean, people are ODing at a faster rate than dying from lead poison, if you know what I mean. Maybe organ transplant business profits are impeding political encouragement of drug law enforcement.

Another issue that deserves public scrutiny is death from medical errors. Where’s the outrage, Ms political activist? You need a movie? Here’s Death by Medicine. That ought to rile up the kids.

Now here’s a real conundrum. The number 1 preventable killing machine in the US today by far. CDC reported 652,639 lives purposely taken in one year and those who do protest the deaths are considered the bad guys. This one has a movie, too.

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