Taqiyya Law

It’s a make believe phrase, of course but it gets to the heart of Islam. Call it the muslim psy-op. Friendly lies designed to help US accept the fundamental change our enemies seek to inflict on our Christ based civilization. It is a necessary part of the jihad required for the caliphate perception to succeed.

And it’s flexible. If (a) listener(s) take(s) what (s)he/they are being told as truth without attempting to verify the source information there are an infinite number of ways to explain a story.

No one is surprised about the Democrats colluding with Pakistani spies in Congress; we’ve had almost a year of hearing about Awan drugging, sex slaving, body parting and generally owning US, right? But there is more than one way to conquer US. And while, I’m sure, republicans don’t think themselves as coarse as the democrats, as politicians they know the earning power of flexible. Once they catch on to the knack of coupling flexible with taciturn they can almost look like they wrote the rule book.

An example. http://www.islamist-watch.org/money-politics/donor/479/

I wonder how familiar republicans are with this line?

FYI. Further reading.

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