Drain the Swamp Already

For starters…


From http://nextrushfree.blogspot.com/2017/03/blogger-gary-hunt-arrested-gary-hunt.html

Gary Hunt was arrested in northern California today. Hunt’s “Outpost of Freedom” blog published posts outing informants in the Oregon Standoff case. The federal government has been trying to get him to take down the posts. Hunt did not appear in court in Portland for a contempt hearing after being given an order to take his posts down…

…The end game for James Comey’s FBI and the Acting US Attorney in Oregon appointed by the Obama Administration, Billy Williams (NOT REMOVED BY THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION) is to compel Gary Hunt to remove his blog posts…

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard has been doing their job well again once the democrats were escorted off the property. It may be coincidence cough,cough but after the boat in the Coast Guard story, the Lady Michelle, was busted with all that cocaine, Obama took off on a deep tour in the general direction of Indonesia. Michelle? who knows.

But there are so many democrats up to their neck in treasonous activity related to muslims and Pakistan, a guy named George Webb has logged a hundred and fifty eight days of video blogging explaining among other things how the Awan brothers with democrat leadership cooperation can acheive such wonders as accessing our defense plans, setting up drug routes into the US, marketing body parts and so much more and then skipping the Country with the help of diplomatic passports allegedly obtained straight from the Obama white house.

Get the democrat appointed bureaucrat speed bumps out of the positions they’ve been using to derail the investigations we all demand and put them criminals away for good.

CAIR Claims It’s a Holocaust


…Awad said in his speech that an upcoming CAIR report claims 2016 was the worst year on record for American Muslims “when it comes to hate crimes, acts of vandalism, discrimination, attacks on our civil and human rights.”

However, the latest FBI statistics, which came out last fall, showed anti-Semitic hate crimes are more than two times more common than hate crimes against Muslims, pointed out Robert Spencer, who also has noted many of the reports have turned out to be false or faked by Muslims themselves…

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/claim-of-u-s-holocaust-against-muslims-minorities/

CAIR Attacks!


C’mon, you really thought those sniveling whiners would be upfront with their hatred at this point?

This is more their style…

http://www.investigativeproject.org/5915/cair-smears-and-tries-to-silence-an-ipt-fellow# and USAF Special ops instructor

Fight back. This is where submission to sniveling whiners leads to…


So You Don’t Have A Problem With Sharia Law

being ignored by the political elites, huh?

Here’s a story out of Central Florida you can gain some insight from regarding the religion of pieces. Florida, BTW, passed an American Laws for American Courts bill maybe two years ago, but the arrogant jihadis respect no one who refuses to yield.

http://www.centralfloridapost.com/2017/03/28/rollins-professor-defended-anti-semitism-aided-lover-in-radicalizing-children/ is the background story.

http://floridafamily.org/full_article.php?article_no=634 The Rollins College Story is where it all starts.

Time to get off the sidelines and into the game, dear reader. In case you haven’t read of the connection Sharia driven jihadis have with the turbulence in the streets these days CAIR has jumped in on the antifa movement with both feet.

The least you can do is get involved with the American Laws for American Courts fight.

The Question Is, Your Honor…

After being subjected to fake news for most of their lifetimes, are the people of the United States capable of determining fact from fiction?


Less exciting versions of the story can be found at a number of news sources including http://www.iwnsvg.com/2017/03/01/vincentian-boat-found-with-us125m-in-cocaine-on-board/ and http://demerarawaves.com/2017/02/28/us-dea-names-guyanese-held-in-us17-million-cocaine-haul/ via search engines using terms such as Lady Michelle fishing boat.

Whadduiknow, right?

So there I was checking the site’s back room the other day and found https://egp-dev.camden.rutgers.edu lurking in the darkness in the referrer column. It was a password protected site that offered nothing in terms of explanation.

Since I am in no way tech enabled but plenty curious after reading about government under traitorous snoops and the Obama/Clinton assault on the Trump campaign and presidency using computer network engineering to generate traffic between Trump’s server, a Russian bank and a Grand Rapids, MI hospital soon to be up to it’s ass in alligators when they are asked about their part in the drug rehab and organ replacement business I consulted my search engine about the egp-dev part.

I learned from http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/Exterior-Gateway-Protocol-EGP that:

Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) is a protocol for exchanging routing information between two neighbor gateway hosts (each with its own router) in a network of autonomous systems. EGP is commonly used between hosts on the Internet to exchange routing table information. The routing table contains a list of known routers, the addresses they can reach, and a cost metric associated with the path to each router so that the best available route is chosen. Each router polls its neighbor at intervals between 120 to 480 seconds and the neighbor responds by sending its complete routing table. EGP-2 is the latest version of EGP.>

I thought I ought to make a note of that.