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Just For the Record

When the criminal democrats start calling for gun control/collection because of yesterday’s murderous actions by another mentally unstable leftist in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ district, our response can only be that this attack on the students in a public school named after a socialist minded woman who fought against draining the swamp raises greater concern and alarm about our safety and protection from the roiled dark state than a manipulated mentally unbalanced child the school administrative staff was clearly aware of and whose peers expected such actions from.

The questions the above mentioned facts raise should be addressed before any further attempts to disarm US are proposed by the occult elitists.

From All Sides

Nikita Khrushchev’s announcement back in the Fifties, “We do not have to invade the United States”, might have been his ‘Game On’ message but the American people aren’t known for their lengthy attention span. Even when a Russian defector experienced in the Soviet program of Ideological Subversion explained it more than thirty years ago he didn’t have much luck in getting Americans to pay attention.

So what the heck, let’s review. We can start re-living the slide down the slope with the communist influence on the American Dream. In 1963, the 45 goals of American Marxism were entered into the Congressional Record.

Let’s see if those 45 goals had ever turned into reality.

Looks like Obama finally nailed the first three Marxist goals covered and the democrats as a whole took care of the next three. Nuclear disarmament appears to be a democrat thing.

Whoa!!! Obama again. How’d he get elected? From goal #11 is addressed…

Today (9/23/2009), let me put forward four pillars that I believe are fundamental to the future that we want for our children: non-proliferation and disarmament; the promotion of peace and security; the preservation of our planet; and a global economy that advances opportunity for all people.

…First, we must stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and seek the goal of a world without them…

…That brings me to the second pillar for our future: the pursuit of peace.

The United Nations was born of the belief that the people of the world can live their lives, raise their families, and resolve their differences peacefully. And yet we know that in too many parts of the world, this ideal remains an abstraction — a distant dream. We can either accept that outcome as inevitable, and tolerate constant and crippling conflict, or we can recognize that the yearning for peace is universal, and reassert our resolve to end conflicts around the world…

…Third, we must recognize that in the 21st century, there will be no peace unless we take responsibility for the preservation of our planet. And I thank the Secretary General for hosting the subject of climate change yesterday…

…And those wealthy nations that did so much damage to the environment in the 20th century must accept our obligation to lead…

…And this leads me to the final pillar that must fortify our future: a global economy that advances opportunity for all people…

You ever notice how politicians all have this similar BS delivery style? They look off into the distance, head tilted upwards slightly as the phrases like ‘fortify our future’ and ‘advances opportunity for all people’ flash through their anterior cingulated cortex, slide smoothly over their tongues, rolls over their lying lips and out with just a vapor of truth that barely makes it to the microphone.

Reminds me of the time I once was sitting in on a democrat district meeting back in Pennsylvania when wannabe candidates were addressing the room in an effort to get on the ticket. One woman wanted to be a judge and she was talking up her qualifications and such and listing her qualities which included family values. Well, I want to tell you, being in a democrat room my ears perked up at hearing that phrase and when given the opportunity I had to ask, what do you mean by family values? She didn’t actually know judging by the way she couldn’t get the words out to form a response so I can’t say she got on the ticket. Then again, she might have impressed the local committee with her ignorance and even might have won a seat on the bench because of that. They were democrats after all.

On to the thirteenth goal; getting rid of loyalty oaths. California took the lead in mocking loyalty oaths to death.

…But over time, and after several level-headed Supreme Court decisions, the 1st Amendment violation inherent in requiring signatories to give up their freedom of speech and association became clear, and the most offensive parts of the California loyalty oath were tossed out. Though the full oath remains in the state Constitution, it is only partially enforceable.

While not patently unconstitutional or even terribly objectionable, the current loyalty oath in California is absolutely unnecessary — especially when you consider that public employees who are not U.S. citizens are exempt from signing. Obviously, the oath is not crucial to getting the state’s work completed.

And besides, who really believes people with malign or subversive designs would be stymied by a form attesting that they have no ill intentions?…

Their words not mine.

The fifteenth goal? The democrat’s participation can be detected right down to the end of the Marxist checklist. The translation is free and it reads ‘But there was no common anti-fascist actions. The SPD said that the KPD rotlackierte [were] “fascists” or “Kozis”. The KPD called the SPD “social fascists”. And for both sides [it] was clear: you can’t [fight] with fascist*in against other fascist*internal fighting together’.

I inserted [were][it] and [fight]for clarity. You have to understand communists always call everyone who disagrees with them fascists. It is a tactic they think puts them on the high ground. They have no right to use violence against US. American voters, registered independents, democrats and republicans wanted to reclaim the Country and elected the man believed most capable to reclaim it from the criminal/jihadist/communist conspiracy. Antifa’s violence was targeting the American spirit, not Donald Trump’s and their violence was not entered on a whim. I doubt we’ve seen an end to the likes of them, yet.

But don’t think We, the People are blameless. We contributed much to this crisis we are embroiled in. We accepted recognizable lies from both phony, no integrity political organizations whose office holders repeatedly crossed the line into criminality and compromise. We, in our willingness to settle for the tailings of broken trust, encouraged the swamp to thrive. We have no plausible deniability. If the swamp stinks to high heaven we still hold our noses as we reach for the low hanging fruit…

Cecilia Munoz made that call from the White House. You think she’s concerned about the rights of American citizens? And what does open society mean when planning the Country’s future is done in secret?

So, yeah, the information is out there. All people have to do is use a search engine for a couple of minutes and they’ll learn those raised as true believers from birth are just more alien demons walking amongst US; they are intent on destroying the freedom and liberty Christ promises and the U.S. Constitution was written to protect. They are hell bent on replacing it with laws created by the light bearer and enforced by those, who are comfortable with actions forbidden by a natural law of morality.

The general strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in America as approved by the Shura Council and the Organizational Conference in 1987 can be read here in English starting on page 15.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I ever heard the term ‘homeland’ before September 11, 2001. The New York Times Washington Talk; Prickly Roots of ‘Homeland Security’ By ELIZABETH BECKER AUG. 31, 2002 acknowledges America’s discomfort with the term in the linked article but the prescient general strategic goal of the MB used the phrase “a part of the homeland” in 1987. Could it be our political leadership was onboard with Sharia America way back when? Am I being too harsh?

Ten years ago the FBI was busy protecting the interests, safety and security of Americans.

In 2018, after the Muslim Brotherhood had their way with the DOJ through most of Obama’s two terms, the FBI focuses on White Nationalist islamophobes

This record of moslem love demonstrated by the coward elite is dated 2012 and focuses on the White House providing daily accommodations for the Muslim Brotherhood on a level unavailable to most American Christian patriots.

Here’s a look at jihadi terrorism and jihadi related crimes the elitist psycho-phants would like US to ignore as easily as they do.

As for the rampaging white extremists they compare to jihadists in the violent index, things got somewhat confusing. Their accusations against white males are all over the place. It is possible they consider their best examples of white nationalists (aside from those pictured in their ‘conservative yells’ photo in the psycho-phants arts section) are Dylann Roof, a self-acknowledged sociopath awaiting the death penalty for the murder of nine black people at a church service and one Jeremy Joseph Christian who was allegedly shouting at two girls because of one of the girls representative manner of dress.

Christian was confronted by two men, neither of whom learned the childhood rhyme sticks and stones. It is further alleged the two men became physical with Mr. Christian, who having allegedly learned his survival tactics in prison where muscle memory rules in survival confrontations, responded swiftly. Mr. Christian’s trial has not yet taken place.

The point to all this as it appears to me is, we are supposed to yield to the myth that it is not jihadists who are a threat to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness or idea of civilization, a subset of a white minority is.

A closer look at the taqiyya nation’s cooperation with the recent emergent powers of the modern West such as Nazi’s and Communists, Republicans and democrats should provide a more realistic vision of the fourteen hundred year old political organization as a sophisticated and systematically capable organization, more master than mendicant.

Les Incredibles

The period of political and societal unrest the elites use to mark the end of an age and the unfolding of the new societal design is intentionally a complicated affair. Defining an enemy during those times is, for the soft and mushy, an exercise in relativity that often times doesn’t end well.

Evidence of murder, exhumed on government property that once was the abode of high powered politicians notwithstanding, our enemies appear to be a far ranging lot who look upon their victims as randomly targeted casualties of misfortune instead of being representative of a balance due on a karmic transaction with consequences resulting from actions of the easily manipulated

The fundamental warm and fuzzy righteousness displayed by the gentle, loving creatures with an off the chart EQ they rely on to offset the usually normal IQ is consistently found to be based on hyperbolic spouting’s from groups that emerge when needed from the left’s political uterus; which now apparently serves as the replacement for the human female reproductive organ the progressives have convinced women to sublimate; denying their natural designed travail in order to toil for the advancement of the totalitarian deception.

More about those emerging groups in the future.

But now, from the world of some animals are more equal than others… or maybe the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office that works out of the sanctuary city known as Philadelphia is way too busy for bleeding heart Bensalem…

You want an example of white privilege, nay even greater than that, class privilege, read the following news story. ICE has had the nerve to arrest a Polish MD living and working in Kalamazoo whose ticket to ride roughshod was a green card he’s held for forty years. Read the shock expressed at the nerve of those charged with protecting US for arresting someone who thought his status as a doctor was more important than gaining United States citizenship

All it sounds like to me is is President Trump wants it to be known his administration is an equal opportunity 287 (g) ass kicker. I got no problem with that.


Whether they realize it or not on Monday night, 1/22/2018, the people of Bensalem, Bucks County, Pennsylvania are scheduled to face off with wannabe tyrants. At heart, the out-of-towners are already tyrants. They yearn for the day they can cast aside the curtain provided for them by criminal politicians and bureaucrats.

If that article posted behind the politicians and bureaucrats link causes the citizens of Bensalem any second thoughts about trusting others to drain the swamp they should make it a point to get to the township meeting and let their voices be heard singing something like ‘hell no, illegals must go’ every time some anti-American islamic-leftist mouthpiece starts threatening Bensalem’s status as a free American community.

In an effort intended to encourage Bensalem citizens to show up in large numbers, here is some background on who is planning what as reported in the

The folks who are upset include the Bucks County NAACP, Make the Road Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, and Buxmont Inclusive and Progressive. Representatives of all four organizations had intended to make their objections known at Monday’s Bensalem Council meeting. That meeting was canceled due to bad weather, so we assume they’ll make a return trip to the township when council members meet next

Seriously, I don’t think of the NAACP as being anything but useful idiots in this case. They have to be being played by the Iranians. NAACP stopped being a real force long ago. They, as far as I know, had nothing to say about the black genocide in Southern California that went on for years.

Have you heard of any NAACP protests regarding the Mexican attacks that took place in black Los Angeles neighborhoods? How many Americans outside of southern California knew of the raging genocide taking place?

Maybe the nasty’s knew playing their BLM hand wouldn’t work well in Bensalem and thought the NAACP would be a kinder, gentler black antagonist reminder to Bensalem than the Soros funded BLM would be if they showed up.

BTW Bensalem, if you hear your enemy use the argument that not cooperating with ICE is important because the illegals will feel safe enough to turn in the criminals, take note of how that doesn’t work when they are doing the crime…

“They were scared if they called the sheriff they’d be killed,” Westin said. “So they called their mom, who called the Sheriff’s Department.”

That can be read in the LA Times Compton genocide account above. And the people who were scared were the blacks who had a crowd of Mexicans on the front lawn screaming at them to get out of the neighborhood; before the beer bottle crashed through the window.

Next on the list, Make the road PA. Another effort of legitimizing the illegitimate. They demand rights and want US to believe their wrongs don’t matter. How come native Americans like me are supposed to subordinate our rights as Americans to some night crawler sneaking over the border to participate in our destruction?

Inclusive and Progressive are the nitwit tools who never stopped believing the Beatles were singing to them. They also delivered Bucks County into the hands of the democrats. Scroll down their messages to see how it’s done Mayor and share the wisdom.

An interesting character in this play is Golnaz Fakhimi, once with the International Justice Network and currently on the staff of ACLU-Philadelphia. She is the one who made the veiled threat if Bensalem approves enforcing the law.

The International Justice Network was founded by Tina Foster, an Iranian-American involved actively in changes I’ll bet few Americans from Bensalem would approve.

The Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition is the statewide ‘coalition’ from Erie. Hmmmm. Who do we know from Erie? A Wolfe in Boss Tweed? I think it’s proven he embraces the Clinton/Obama stroke of the pen school of rule and like Obama he’s built his secret army, too. But Wolfe’s looks more like an army of invaders.

Leftists, Iranians, invaders and gun grabbing democrats. Your call Bensalem. You showing up for the face off?

Infringing on Our Self-Defense

Pelosi’s democrats, using the mysterious October Las Vegas shooting, has mounted another attack on our right to protect ourselves and Gun Owners of America has asked for support in rejecting the elitist effort to disarm law abiding America.

The idea of proposing another rule inspired by a democrat politician, Nancy Pelosi, whose history, of both the democrat party and the individual, is to restrict freedom for all through the diminishment of our Constitution is preposterous.

The ATF’s statutory authority, contained at 6 U.S.C. 531, is very narrow. Nowhere does federal law give ATF the general authority to regulate the safety of firearms, accessories, or parts. This is important, because, if federal law did do this, then it could administratively ban semi-automatics, or handguns, or all guns.

Constitutionally, the Second Amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.” Our rights are not privileges from the government that can be revoked or regulated at will. And regulating or banning bump stocks would serve as unconstitutional infringements.

Tell the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau our message to Nancy Pelosi is we believe applying restrictions to our right to defend ourselves is UN Constitutional.

What’s it all about ATFE?

Taqiyya Law

It’s a make believe phrase, of course but it gets to the heart of Islam. Call it the muslim psy-op. Friendly lies designed to help US accept the fundamental change our enemies seek to inflict on our Christ based civilization. It is a necessary part of the jihad required for the caliphate perception to succeed.

And it’s flexible. If (a) listener(s) take(s) what (s)he/they are being told as truth without attempting to verify the source information there are an infinite number of ways to explain a story.

No one is surprised about the Democrats colluding with Pakistani spies in Congress; we’ve had almost a year of hearing about Awan drugging, sex slaving, body parting and generally owning US, right? But there is more than one way to conquer US. And while, I’m sure, republicans don’t think themselves as coarse as the democrats, as politicians they know the earning power of flexible. Once they catch on to the knack of coupling flexible with taciturn they can almost look like they wrote the rule book.

An example.

I wonder how familiar republicans are with this line?

FYI. Further reading.

Navarro Drops Charges Against Militia Leader and the Bundy Family

Now it is time to address the government’s anger against old white patriots while they have been greasing the way for every freaking enemy of US that has come down the pike the last fifty years or so.

I have to back up here to the edit mode and change that ‘government’s anger’ to the more correct ‘political anger’ identifier. While the government may be the weapon used against US by the criminal politicians it is wrong to say the government kills US.

Government doesn’t kill citizens, criminal politicians kill citizens.

Role Playing For Rulers

Democrats do have a plethora of no talent piss boys standing by, eager to activate any of the multiple non-specific personalities lying dormant in their finely cultivated amoral comfort zone whenever a vacancy opens in their national lineup.

Prior to their anointing, though, they must prove every effort was made to enhance the party’s standing in the eyes of their base.

Recently, with the departure of Senator Franken the role of Prince of Banality has opened up and it looks like a Tennessee congressperson, one Steven Cohen is making a play for that long honored position of the democrat party’s spokesperson of all things pernicious.

A recent interview with MSNBC offered the Tennessee squawker what he might have considered his final audition for the part of Isreal Leaven, Knesset Kontrol.

What? You think I should have my head examined? Democrats have been selling US out going back to the Clinton administration.

C’mon, you really think Pakistan’s got the longest running spy operation going on in Congress?