Pakistani Spy Ring News

It looks like Chris Collinsworth reminded the world about Stickum last night during the Giants-Cowboys game for a reason. Today it appears more and more the attempts by feral colluders to drop the democrat spy ring ball are being thwarted at every turn by Stickum grade Karma.

In February, the Awan story broke. Here in the US we’re still waiting to hear about an active investigation regarding the ‘matter’.

During February in India they arrested eleven Pakistani ISI agents for what looks like using an MO similar to Awans that accessed military information.

Swamp Water Clear

Chances are most people have some idea of Mystery Awan, the democrat party’s treasonously deceitful participation in the enablement of the congressional spy ring, the body parts for sale side business of the opioid war on the lost and the overall modern political collusion against the American People.

What has been made public this morning was the Swamp People’s in your face America acknowledgement that all that and more is fact and is protected by the United States Department of Justice.

Prosecution moves to quash Hina Alvi’s arrest warrant. Hina, btw, fled to Pakistan weeks ago ahead of slow walking law enforcement.

OTOH, evidence the swamp people are not completely convinced of the safety of their position is displayed in the recent bizarre behavior of Nancy Pelosi.

This is a manifestation of the Spiritual War you’ve heard mention of throughout your life and it is entering a new level. If you do not yet know what side you are on you better make up your mind. It’s turn to Jesus time for US.