CNN: Model of Egregore

The simplified description is ‘Fake News’.

It’s better to understand the more complete picture.


…the egregore is distinctly created to act as such a focus and then subsequently utilised by the members of the group or order whose ideals the egregore reflects.

Thus the egregore becomes a focus for what i(s) known in the Chaos school as “Ego Magic” – the work of integrating and transforming the facets of the personality, in accord with a particular set of aims…

It’s everywhere.

Democrat Party Hates Opposition So Badly…

How badly is it???

The democrat party hates opposition so badly they won’t use the shooting of Republican Congressman Scalise as a gun control argument.

You want proof? Do a search using ‘President Obama on Gabby Gifford shooting’ and one on ‘President Obama on Congressman Scalise shooting’.

You will find the similarity ends in the search term.

It is not my intention to generate another money raising event for the Second Amendment antagonists. It is a continuation of my efforts to focus your attention on the uniparty’s political machine’s involvement with and determination to eliminate our awareness that they are waging war, a proxy war, on US on behalf of the globalist elite.

I mean, don’t you think the Republicans could have used that failed attempt of the mass assassination of the House Freedom Caucus to strengthen the public’s awareness of the real meaning of our right to keep and bear arms?

Instead we got this.

Cousin of CAIR Claims Responsibility For Cairo Bombing


The Muslim Brotherhood-linked Hasm Movement claimed responsibility for a deadly terrorist attack targeting Egyptian security forces in Cairo on Sunday…

…Intelligence collected by Egypt’s interior ministry suggests that the Muslim Brotherhood is establishing “terrorist entities,” including the Hasm Movement and others, to carry out attacks in an attempt to conceal the Brotherhood’s responsibility…

Leftist Madness: Applying The Art of Splitting Hares

The democrat choreographed left wing temper tantrum has taken a risky but likely decided upon turn for the worse with the wounding of Congressman Scalise and the targeting of the members of the House Freedom Caucus.

A person already familiar with the recent eruptions of murders and evidence of treason connected to the DNC will have little trouble recognizing that what took place during Wednesday morning’s “Weak Ending For Bernie” event was a two fer one shoot ’em up in Alexandria, VA.

The DNC had been pushing back steadily from the time President Trump crushed the Democrats’ plan of establishing a 21st Century American mini-caliphate/slave state with a brilliant election victory over the stumblingly arrogant HRC even with the democrats using every asset in their political arsenal. It’s been suggested the insanity plea was even tried.

On President Trump’s first day in Office, Democrats announced a unified scorched earth policy against the American People via the President the People elected.

As the governor from Washington, Inslee, put it …“They were entitled to a grace period and they blew it. It’s been worse than I could have imagined, the first few days.”

What was it President Trump did those first few days? Defend voter intimidation?

Day after day the minority party, with the assistance of the do nothing republican elite set their roadblocks in place. They dragged their feet on approving cabinet positions and filling the space on the Supreme Court, they fight the President’s efforts to secure our borders and put an end to the democrat sponsored importation of terror.

On the weekends they turned loose the fools employed by the international fugitive, George Soros, after needed instruction.

Those intellectual overweights never recognize the conflict in the messages they use. They come to shut down the voices of the American people who do not agree with them and they call US Nazis.

They held up a quote from Ellie Wiesel and refuse to acknowledge his words from 1986 when the Left clung to their relevance in the ghetto beach heads of Fortress America…

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference

They call US haters because they cannot call US indifferent.

Those pictures were taken June 10. Six months into the year and everyone was feeling the heavy presence of democrat sponsored evil. Like demons, the democrat leadership was spinning lies from the wool of bat, planning their dark future based on what they saw through their version of the eye of newt and twisting the perceptions of those still under their spell with the tongues of the media dogs.

From the first day of President Trump’s reign, the democrats were spitting fire. With every passing day its intensity only increased. When the Daily Beast ripped the President for expressing what everyone but the port side of the SS New World and the mayor of London thought was an expression of common sense regarding the Jihadi attack on the London bridge, I thought for sure the article was proof positive that Obama had managed to find a job for every idiot who could confirm the chemical lobotomy was successful.

This is the start of the critic’s abhorrence…

Here is the offending statement from the Mayor of London: “Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There’s no reason to be alarmed.”

This seems utterly unobjectionable. Expressions of increased vigilance and the resolve to live free from fear are what leaders do when confronted with domestic terror, following a model set by Winston Churchill during the Battle of Britain: Keep Calm and Carry On.

A ‘stay calm’ message from a jihadi activist who had already delivered the ‘accept terrorism’ message to dhimmi submissives being compared to Winston Churchill’s keep calm and carry on message is like favoring Kaepernick’s attitude to Patton’s reaction to the enemy. Staying calm is not the only or most suitable reaction to tens of thousands invaders in your midst.Especially when they randomly attack you with the intent to kill you because YOU ARE NOT LIKE THEM.

I will not pretend to know exactly what President Trump was thinking when he spoke the words that offended the Daily Beast opinionist but where I come from Trump’s reaction is more easily understood than the Mayor of London’s announcement to stay calm. Trump got an A+ from me for clarity of meaning and communication.

The rest of the article degenerated into a vapid effort to run up his ball less score. The opinionator goes on:

…But another great trend of our time is the ethno-nationalist pushback to globalization fueled by fear of immigration and compounded by economic and cultural anxiety.

The irony is that immigration, consistent with assimilation, makes the western world economically and culturally stronger—while delivering the ultimate rebuke to terrorists’ ideology.

Sadiq Khan’s faith, while incidental to doing the job of mayor, should be understood as a source of strength in the wider war against terrorism. It sends exactly the message great cities in the West ought to send to the world: as long as you are willing to work hard and play by the rules, we want you here. This is not only a sign of economic and cultural confidence—it’s ultimately a recognition that pluralism is the best answer to extremism…

When someone goes on like this, using words and phrases that trigger passionate responses across the realm of the emotionally overburdened left, the writer should dip into that overflowing well of righteousness he or she has been blessed with and share the meaning behind the words used so the angry children understand what it is they are parroting.

Globalization… fear of immigration…making the western world economically and culturally stronger… ultimate rebuke to terrorists ideology?

I thought the ultimate rebuke to terrorists ideology was called MOAB. The rest of those phrases mean nothing.

I do not fear immigration and I do not fear the uniparty who use the invaders to fulfill their promise to take my stuff on behalf of the common good.

Making the western world economically and culturally stronger. What does that mean?

How does bringing millions of invaders into our Country, giving them money on a monthly basis, providing them with housing, permitting them to insulate themselves from our society until they start killing US make US economically and culturally stronger? Is this what culturally stronger means? Because I’ve been to Yuma, AZ. and ten years ago there wasn’t too much distance between muslims and Mexicans regarding toilet protocol that I could smell.

If the globalist transformation of the world is going to be universally wonderful how come numb nuts the opinionated columnist only focuses on western civilization? Rothschild’s sycophants are beginning to sound like a Krass Brothers commercial. Maybe he discovered his inner hemisphericphobia? Or would it be more correct and proper to identify him and his ilk as civilizophrenic?

This should provide you with an idea of how long their madness has been organized around lies.

If you never forget anything, never forget who the father of lies is.

Snowflakes Prohibited. Classified Reality Reading. Danger of Head Exploding.

Does Anyone Believe the Democrats Have Core Values?

Or they even know the meaning of that phrase?

That democrats can ignore their own abuses directed at the American people, the Constitution and the common sense that directs respect to the people they are supposed to represent as they engage all their energy in lighting fires of disunity is a sure portent the shadow of darkness is near complete for our Nation.