Technocracy Awareness

Mark Steyn’s “A Disgrace to the Profession” is now on sale at his website. It was written to further expose phony science and also to help pay his legal fees. These fees were brought on by an alleged scientist with an overzealous imagination who pictured a new whimsical scientific measure of earth warming that involved hockey sticks capable of kick starting the globalist’s carbon based tax on Western Civilization. It almost worked.

In fact, since the leftists never accept defeat they’ve rearranged their data and Obama is planning to introduce a new carbon based tax soon. You’ll need Steyn’s book of factual arguments to prod the recalcitrant republican-majority-in-flight to fight on behalf of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a well lit path back to freedom.

Republicans, as you undoubtedly understand at this stage of the camouflaged Republic, are really not interested in our well being but if they receive input laced with enough truth it might confuse them and they could push the no button instead of the big red blinking yes button when they are instructed by their leader Obama to vote for his much needed carbon tax tool of enslavement.

And Patrick Wood wants you to know that You Can Beat Government and Hacker Surveillance and introduces you to free or affordable security for mail and phone.

Fast and Furious With A Twist

Once upon a time a storm called Fast and Furious was raging across the nation. OK, maybe not raging. It’s rare when we get unadulterated weather so one must accept the fact that with the help of the MSM, political storms are going to be managed into oblivion in the same manner as tropical pressure is manipulated into devastation when needed.

Maybe it’s the Blue Moon but Fast and Furious is back in the news. Out of Chicago, no less. The story is about one of the weapons carried by the would be killers who were attempting to visit the wrath of alla down onto the heads of the infidels gathered in Garland, Texas back in May. The question raised is if it was purchased in the aptly named Lone Wolf gun shop, the F&F gun sales epicenter.

Reached by telephone, Andre Howard, owner of Lone Wolf, denied that his store sold the gun to Soofi. “Not here,” Howard said before hanging up.

But the story did ring a bell with me. At one point, stories were surfacing about ‘gun walking’ happening in other locations, including Indiana which peaked my interest because ISNA lives there.

Yeah, I know. Pure coincidence.