Autodefensas Mission Statement


Our mission is to clean the state of all types of organized crime, the official and unofficial. Our mission is to help restore the rule of law. Our mission is to fight until the authorities give us certainty on two main themes: Public Safety and the enforcement of Justice.

In Michoacán, regardless of what is said in the media, as a society death and impunity remain our victimizers.
Death and impunity surround and persecute us.

We continue to lack confidence in the authorities; they ask us to complete an impossible task, to supposedly advance the investigations, and then they end up detaining us. We are prohibited from entering certain cities meanwhile the Caballeros Templarios are not prohibited; on the contrary, they circulate the state sowing their seeds of terror and devastation.

That is why we have continued to advance; that is why we are organizing the population so they can be vigilant of their communities, so they can protect their constitutional rights of life, liberty, and property…

Every once in a while a brilliant star appears to lead a frustrated, victimized people to the Liberty Tree. I honor the autodefensas and Dr. Mireles and admire the courage and sacrifice they display in their determined efforts to restore the Rule of Law to Mexico that will free them of the shackles of fear that have enslaved them for so long. Prayers up for their protection and success in their two front war.

Hamas C.A.I.R. Connection

Former FBI Agent Says Leading Muslim Group a ‘Hamas Front’

Former FBI counterrorism expert calls on Americans to pressure gov’t to shut down Council on American-Islamic Relations.


“The question we as Americans need to be asking is: ‘Why is this Attorney General and Department of Justice not indicting and prosecuting CAIR and its leaders?'”

Slow Lerner

Why would Lois Lerner invoke her 5th Amendment Right in today’s hearing?

Her actions in office regarding tax free status issues and who would receive that status indicate she does not respect the power of the Constitution.

Respecting the Darkside is another matter.

Hocus-Pocus News

In Philadelphia there is action being considered which would result in Philadelphia becoming a sanctuary city.

As expected the few, the loud, the community organizers working out of groups with Marxist roots are rallying for the cause.

The rest of the story.

A recent Supreme Court ruling makes some of US wonder if Philadelphia, as a sanctuary city, would offer and provide solace for this family…

Nah. I didn’t think so, either.