Puppeteers and Puppets

Modern islamic radicalism roots go back to the Eighteenth Century when Abdul Wahhab ( 1703 – 1791 ) started a reactionary movement to clean up the Islamic religion. Islam was riddled with back sliders and Wahhab was a True Believer on a mission.

Keep in mind, those were the days when the sun might not have set on the British Empire but the Ottoman Empire cast a formidable shadow. If Britain was to continue its expansion it had to substantially weaken or eliminate the Ottoman Empire

This is a very brief outline of what developed.

1744 – 1818 Wahhabi – Saudi Alliance

Wahhab allied with Mohammed bin Sa’ud. This provided Wahhab protection and Sa’ud religious legitimacy. This marks the beginning of the Salafi revivalist movement. Sa’ud son marries Wahhab daughter to seal the pact which lasts to this day. Great Britain helped with guns and money.


Wahhabi – Saudi alliance declare jihad on shiites and the sunnis.


Abdul Wahhab dies but Wahhabi – Saudi power increases.

April 1801 – 1810

Wahhabis massacre Shiites, kill pilgrims in Mecca and desecrate the tomb of Mohammed in Medina.

1811 – 1818

Caliphate of Ottoman Empire soundly defeats Wahabbis. Emir Abdullah al-Sa’ud is beheaded.


Faisal ibn Turki, who escaped Ottoman custody in 1843, asks for British assistance. Great Britain sends Col. Lewis Pelly to Riyahd to work out an agreement. British forces undermined the Caliphate using Abdul Aziz Wahabbis and eventually conquer most of the Arabian peninsula.


The third Saudi – Wahhabi State was born and named Saudi Arabia. Brutality rules.


Transition time. England hands over Middle east control to U.S.


Wahhabis and Saudi breakup threatened by uprising in Mecca.


Wahhabi cleric, Abdullah bin Jibrin issued Fatwa that justified WTC attack and condemned heretics and muslims who collaborated with the United States. That would be the Saudi family. Regardless, many Wahhabi clerics remained loyal to Saudi regime. Saudi Arabia is the protector of Sunni Islam. A whole lot of hocus-pocus going on there.

Sunni devotees include the Muslim brotherhood, CAIR, the late Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, modern day versions of the Salafist.

Islamic Terrorist Coverage Resumes

From http://www.jihadwatch.org/2014/01/syria-muslims-see-cross-hanging-from-christians-neck-immediately-behead-him.html

Syria: Muslims see cross hanging from Christian’s neck, immediately behead him

Islamists beheaded a young Christian man and seriously wounded another in attack near Homs, a city in Syria.

The pair was travelling by car from Homs to a majority Christian village known as Marmarita.

A group of five armed jihadists intercepted the vehicle in which Firas Nader (29), and Fadi Matanius Mattah (34), were traveling and opened fire.

When the assailants reached the car and noted that Fadi wore a cross hanging from his neck, he was immediately beheaded…

More From Michoacan

From http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2014/01/25-avocado-farms-seized-by-templars.html

…”You can start with a genuine cause, but when you start taking control, making decisions and feeling authority … you run the risk of getting to that point,” Castillo told MVS radio. He was referring to how the movement might turn into a cartel just like the Templars.

Many would say that his comment could easily apply to PRI, the political party that controls Mexico- “taking control, making decisions, You can start with a genuine cause, but when you start taking control, making decisions and feeling authority … you run the risk of getting to that point,” (if you added to his statement the words “totally corrupt” it could be describing PRI)…

…In the towns that have formed self-defense movements and affiliated themselves with the regional council of the movement, crime has dropped to virtually nothing.

…Despite it’s success in stopping crime in the towns where they have regained control, the movement still faces incredible obstacles.

Rebellion vs Survival

A new paradigm has emerged in the Michoacán State of Mexico and it will bode well for US to pay attention.

In case you haven’t heard about it from the lame stream media the finally fed up citizens of Michoacán armed themselves last year and took on the job their government wouldn’t do; that is ridding their society of the local cartel, the Caballeros Templarios. Yes, that translates as Knights Templar.

The citizens, shopkeepers, engineers, farmers and others with no real understanding of strategy or tactics except to know their targets and have the cajones to pull the trigger, have achieved a level of success that has resulted in a considerable drop in cartel terrorism against them and their every success spawns even more success.


Believe it or not, the Mexican government now wants to collect their guns and the citizens won’t give them up. Yesterday a video was released claiming the federales are allegedly killing the autodefensas defenders.


Whether that is the case or not is difficult to say with certainty at this point. But the government supporting media has already been caught editing an interview of the acknowledged leader of the autodefensas movement, Dr. Mireles, that changed the meaning of his entire message.


And there is the matter of Dr. Mireles recent plane crash that reflects darkly on the federale leaders, newly elected or not.


The reality of this situation is it is a rare opportunity to recognize the difference between rebellion and survival. It is beginning to show evidence that it is the government in a state of rebellion against the citizens who have just recently recognized their survival was at stake.

There is nothing wrong with US organizing. In fact, it’s a Second Amendment requirement. Just in case something like that happens here.

Oath Keepers