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…Morsi said that in relation to William Burns, he was talking with him in a very formal way, especially when he told morsi that Obama dropped 2 milliards of Egypt’s debts, but with some conditions, that this money is going to be used in so and so, meaning that Obama is not going to take this money from Egypt and give it back to his government, but he will keep the money in Egypt and this money will be used according to Obama’s own terms and vision. Like training and some of the governmental employments and a bunch of other things, but Obama is not going to leave it for the Egyptian government to decide what to do with it.

Morsi added that regarding the US foreign affairs relations with Egypt, the US officials confirmed to him that the US will support Egypt, but Morsi told them, this was fine, but the US must help Muslim Brotherhood to control and dominate Egypt. Morsi said that of course they talked about this and discussed it with further details on how the US will help them to control Egypt.

Morsi said that the US gave Muslim Brotherhood an advice, to learn from the experience of Turkey with the IMF. Morsi explained that the US were pushing them in the direction of the IMF…

Isn’t that interesting? International Monetary Fund buying Muslim Brotherhood power using American tax dollars or perhaps IMF dollars laundered through D.C., or could it be, gasp, all the same? Makes a person wonder where in the Muslim world the IMF influence stops what with all their petrodollar wealthy cats, ya know?

I think we are going to learn more about inter-governmental cooperation and manipulation than the cooperators and manipulators would like US to learn. Nothing that would shake their world but they probably aren’t crazy about another crack in their public wall. Thanks, Eman.

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