If It Looks Like a Duck

If it looks, waddles, floats and quacks like a duck people generally accept that the yellow, white, black, green or mottled critter fouling their pool is a duck. Not so when it comes to political conspirators. In our realm ruled by back room deals citizens are disparaged for suggesting there is more to the story than what the media controllers dole out to the public.

Take for instance the local morning talk show host. I doubt he’s any different than your local talk show host by too much. Generally leans conservative, thinks well on his feet, communicates well and is quite clear about not being a conspiracy guy. That must be in his contract otherwise he wouldn’t use that excuse to shut down callers who bring up unpleasant subjects that most of his audience would just as well pretend did not exist too but are, in fact, matters of public record. Like the involvement of the Catholic church in smuggling the invaders into the U.S. which was what a caller brought up one recent morning.

So that got me to thinking about another subject that gets danced around: The depth of the role of the hijacked government in the transformation of our nation using taxpayer funded vehicles to bring select Third World transplants to the U.S.

And it has nothing to do with broken borders.

Most conservatives are of a mind that the invasion is happening primarily to enlarge the democrat base. Their thinking may be changing soon but for now their righteous anger is anchored in political channels. That makes it acceptable for them to view the ongoing acts of treason or more accurately, the acts of war against United States citizens by the one party cartel, as a political event.

Keeping it political satisfies the Tea Party’s unimaginative reasoning and at the same time provides them with an excuse to avoid both the truth about the real conspirators intentions and actually dealing with the dangers the political conspirators have wrought.

While the broken borders wickedness serves the political pirates purposes as a controllable distraction very well, behind the scenes the Executive branch is and has been using the State Department to import potential trouble makers under the guise of refugees at a pace of 70,000 ( the alleged limit ) per year. Now, seventy thousand refugees a year may not sound like a lot until you take into consideration this has been going on for years.

The changeover from accepting Eurocentric refugees to Islamocentric refugees took place after Clinton used our military to support the Kosovo Islamic drug/terrorist group, KLA.

When you look at who the State Department is bringing to our shores and since those refugees can sponsor even more members of their village, I mean family, alarm bells should be going off.

Insert the required disclaimer here about not all refugees are terrorists.

Now balance the politically correct disclaimer with reality by recognizing the fact the State Department is importing refugees from mostly Muslim countries and the Koran specifically directs its readers to rain jihad down on unbelievers.

Last week I went downtown to attend the anti-amnesty protest looking forward to finally seeing a large group of Americans protesting the open borders. Well, that didn’t happen but as usual it was an opportunity to meet a few good people.

But for the tea party woman who almost rolled her eyes when she asked, “This isn’t a muslim vs Christian thing is it?” when I gave her my card, no, if you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, it’s not a religion vs. religion thing.

It’s a Western Civilization vs the Dark Ages Revisited thing.

Our problem is Western Civilization leaders have been quietly dimming the lights on US for decades; like they’re looking forward to a very long night.

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