If you think we’re suddenly going to hell in a hand basket, you’re half right. There’s just nothing sudden about it. Getting a different perspective on the subject is the reason for this message.

American history is redundant with accounts of citizens whose origins were closer to the gutter than to glory. Equipped mostly with determination, vision and government non-intervention they lifted themselves from the shapeless mass to contribute great things to our nation and the world. Explorers, inventors, military, business people, it did not matter which pool they came from. As leaders they all knew their vision required work and sacrifice for them to become expert in their field.

Today, it appears most of the work undertaken by non-productive political leaders is intended to bury our heritage of achievement. With their negative results it isn’t difficult to conclude their foggy vision is purposely focused on the planned destruction of our nation.

So successful have the black hearted transgressors been that, while good citizens are recognizing the dangers facing us, many of them still profess to believe it is solely the result of uncontrolled base human behaviors such as greed, lust and overall covetousness. Which, of course, are always contributing factors but there is more to our troubles than base behaviors.

In addition, unfortunately, there are millions of our neighbors still comfortable enough with the system who seem to share a pervasive indifferent certainty that a political savior or idea will eventually stumble once more onto the scene to more or less restore order to some degree and we will continue to lurch more or less forward in fits and starts for an indeterminate length of time until we finally stumble on to a final end like all Republics great civilizations before us did. Quit worrying about it! Party on!

Over the years, I have reached the conclusion that not only is that belief misguided and itself the result of a base human behavior known as laziness, it is a lingering effect of a long running and continuous moral transgression perpetrated on an unsuspecting populous, which, while hoaxed into a range of political attitudes, proudly and without knowledge, are engaged in a steadfast march to perdition graciously organized and accommodated by a most skillful and longstanding group of malefactors.

Certainly I am not the first to reach that conclusion and the reader is encouraged to proceed with discernment. Your skepticism is expected; for that ruthless line of wickedness we struggle against has spent centuries crafting darkness into light and is very good at it. For example, being the skilled behavioral programmers they are, a knee-jerk mechanism of mockery was installed into the late Twentieth Century psyche that serves as an effective siege weapon for them. It’s been around forever but in the past its general use was mostly confined to childhood. Basically it is the elementary school tactic of name calling refined through decades of study in psychology and taught today in courses such as offered here and here.

Whether they’ve never grown up or they’ve learned it in college, the enemies of the Republic find it easy to discredit their critics who threaten the complete installation of the fundamental change they seek. All these enemies have to do is raise indignant baseless accusations of racism, sexism, xenophobia or conspiracy and because American society has been conditioned to believe there is no acceptable defense to such censure, even the most resolute and fearless defenders of the nation often find themselves alone facing the cliff edge of Ignominy.

Believe this… however powerful the manipulation is perceived, it is illusory. It can and will crumble when Americans have a better understanding of the fabrications that control us.

It is fact that an increasing number of Americans are recognizing that the always overreaching political gangsters have been stepping up their bipartisan attacks on our domestic tranquility in this the 21st Century and the concerned citizenry are slowly taking a more active role in trying to overcome those threats. And yet, almost every political quest mounted in defense of our freedom gets no further than endless committee meetings that eventually drop out of sight until another scandal is discovered that necessitates a resurrection of old scandal news in order to downplay any new political damage to the one party clique.

On the other hand, when the political poobahs want something done to strengthen their control a new bill emerges from the federal grinder sometimes at record speed, sometimes unread, but always as a law more complicated than need be, more costly than expected and more conflictive with our American culture of freedom and liberty than we should ever accept. Voila! Another taxpayer burden is born.

Bucksafa11.org started out as a yahoo group focused on the Islamic threat and it will continue that focus. But without examining Islamic terrorism within a larger framework of evil, exposing jihadist terror that escapes the mainstream news outlets will just be another exercise in futility confined to one of the many circles within the larger circle that contains us and prevents us from effectively dealing with all threats, foreign and domestic.

This broadening of scope is intended to help us achieve a focus on just what it is lurking behind and driving the emerging tyranny. This site exists only to contribute in some way to help us return our Country to the place we once proclaimed as One Nation under God.

As Below So Above

Using a biological model as a starting point to identify the root cause of our nation’s problems may appear strange at first but before one is asked to believe something that most folks find unbelievable, most folks have to bear witness to the fact that what they are being asked to believe does exist in reality on some level.

First, consider the vague notion of an invisible hand guiding the U.S. We as a People once believed strongly it was the hand of Providence guiding us. Once upon a time, July Fourth celebrations included thanking God that the prosperity delivered by the freedom and liberty He blessed and provided us with was ours singularly to hold dear. We thought it a blessing from Him.

In modern America, July Fourth is a celebration of a concept we can barely claim an understanding of because on July Fifth we willingly accept the yoke of bondage controlled by reins held by a nefarious few pursuing an agenda antithetical to the freedom Colonial America invested itself so heavily in.

While concern from an increasing number of Americans regarding our diminishing liberties is now reflective in the popularity of the Tea Party phenomenon, few Tea Party participants and fewer Tea Party leaders seem willing to credit anyone but the two major political parties with having brains enough to come up with a plan designed with our destruction as the end result.

Certainly national level politicians are very crafty and no doubt possess an above average degree of cunning but to credit them with the long term creativity necessary to dismantle our Constitution while most of them function in the ‘what’s in it for me now’ mode borders on the irrational. I’m willing to wager, with the exception of the hardcore socialists and other assorted democrats in congress, the one fable our elected controllers understood the very first time they heard it as a child was ‘The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs’. And that brings us finally to the biological model of parasites.

In the animal kingdom, scientific study has revealed parasites to have the ability to change the behavior of their larger host even as the host is perceived as a more complex entity. There are parasites that remove a rat’s fear of cats, others that inhibit host fish from diving deeper when apparent danger is closing in rapidly from above and there are parasites like the fluke that make use of multiple hosts to achieve their end result: the survival and advancement of the parasite with an absolute disregard for their host’s future.

What’s going on is not difficult to understand. One doesn’t have to be a scientist to conclude the parasites control host animals by removing the host’s ability to fear for their survival.

In the case of controlling human social behavior that observation gives rise to some questions. What kind of parasite is capable of implanting such wide ranging and increasingly limiting control on a people who believe they are born free? What fear would have to be removed by the parasite to gain such control?

In the U.S., whether we like it or not, it is generally conceded that political control is steering our ship. But political control is still somewhat tenuous and its success is achieved by creating fear not removing it.

Very few politicians are stand alone types and they are all parts of an organization designed from its beginning to be a tool of the American people. Tools they are but there is little doubt most no longer work for us. Who then do they work for?

Many will say lobbyists and no doubt lobbyist money influence politicians greatly but lobbyists are tools themselves working for special interests.

Consider then the non-governmental organizations or NGO’s. These organizations are touted as non-profit, voluntary citizens groups organized on local, national or international levels.

To gain an understanding of the NGO participants mind, here’s a bit of Senate testimony from 2006:

we should consider elaborating some guiding principles by which we would assess the behavior of other governments toward NGOs and which we will take into account in our bilateral relationships. I would welcome consulting with the Congress on the drafting of these principles. The principles could be distilled from basic commitments to rights enshrined in such documents as the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international documents, including those of the OSCE

That’s from http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CHRG-109shrg34274/html/CHRG-109shrg34274.htm and I trust you noticed neither our Declaration of Independence nor our U.S. Constitution were among the documents being gushed over by the speaker who by the way was the Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Department of State, Washington, D.C.

Lenin is alleged to have introduced the NGO concept to the world and since then, NGO’s have proved a very valuable tool for change. George Soros’ NGO Empire is a case in point. Soros is not only connected with the radical left, he travels the same road with those who reside at the top of the elite pyramid. While it’s doubtful he actually hangs out with the street level leftist operatives, he has been seen mingling with those who cling to the high side of society.

You might call both him and the deceased Armand Hammer hero types of the occult elite. As Hammer, a recipient of numerous international awards including the Order of Lenin and who functioned publicly as the elitist go between for them and the Soviet Union back in the good old days and who also played a role in Al Gore’s father’s success, hero Soros is the go between for the leftist agents of change and the globalist pirates who are hell bent on a world management that has no room for free people.

Before the global elite action figure tools could make any cultural progress in the USofA though, the playing field had to be tilted in their favor. Supreme Court rulings proved to be one of many helpful paths used to kick start change long before voters appeared willing to embrace it in 2008.

The Supreme Court Refines Our Nation

The United States Constitution maintains certain requirements of residency and citizenship for those seeking the Office of President and Congress. By now, we all understand to some degree those rules have recently been ignored but that comatose horse isn’t taking another beating here, not today.

The subject is brought up only to point out that the Judicial leg of our government as defined in Article III of the Constitution was never burdened with such restraints. While it is possible that deficiency was an unintended consequence of a hectic Constitutional Convention, it’s not probable.

What makes it unlikely is that James Wilson, a hard working member of the Committee of Detail was himself a foreigner who landed a seat on Jay’s Court. Wilson was 23 years old when he arrived in the colonies from Britain in 1765. His home was Scotland actually so if you’re familiar with the fine differences between Britain, the macro, and Scotland, the proud, you’d probably call Wilson Scottish, right?

Whatever you recognize him as, if you read about his education you will gain a sense of how important details were to him. He, and his two partners on the Committee of Detail, was well suited for the job and the effort they put into Article III of the Constitution left it as complete as it was going to get.

One might argue that our Nation was so young it was to be expected to have foreign born members of the Supreme Court. The three foreign born members of the Jay Court, Wilson (Scotland), Iredell (England) and Patterson (Ireland) were gone soon enough but the back door entry for mischief remains in place today.

Frankly, our Great Experiment has been degraded enough through rulings made by American born, Oxford initiated, jurists and here is as fine an explanation of that conundrum as you will find anywhere.

It may not be necessary after all for the transformed citizenry to witness foreign jurists on our Supreme Court; however, government managers must consider it a backup plan worth keeping handy.

If you spent the brief time needed to understand the strategy of the Supreme Court from law professor Randy E. Barnett at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWE63sbQzJM#t=329 you’ll not find it difficult to believe they too are lost tools of We, the People.

The Unanswered Question

To prove once again the path to hell is paved with good intentions it is necessary to examine the role certain religious leaders played in establishing an environment beneficial to a freedom eating parasite.

Decades before the Russian Revolution, Socialism was rearing its ugly head in the United States. So called Christian activists were proclaiming a blasphemy they called Social Gospel. That message, precursor to the heresy that came to be known as Dominionism, conditioned American taxpayers to accept a reliance on and funding of a strong central government. Dominionism is a New Age slant on Christianity that proposes Christians organize and take over the world so it can be presented to Jesus upon His return… as if He needs their help to fulfill His promise. Perceptive Americans view Dominionism as a manipulation of the less discerning members of the Christian Right by the occult elite’s strategists.

Another graduate blasphemer of the University of Rochester not mentioned at the Social Gospel link was one Samuel Zane Batten whose book, The One World Order, was published in 1919. You are encouraged to access it at that link and read it to get an idea of how long this change we are in the midst of has been in the works by the true conspiracy theorists.

(A side note about the University of Rochester. Major funding was provided back then by John D. Rockefeller and today their mascot is a predator wasp they named Rocky. It is as if secrets have become such a part of the conspirator’s modus operandi even their jokes have to be sub Rosa.)

Applying the KISS reasoning mechanism, two immediate probabilities come to mind for initiating socialist activity using Christianity as a vehicle. First, it provided an appearance of legitimacy for Socialists as they worked to dismantle the Capitalist engine that produces the wealth for all sensible and sober participants and second, it compromised God’s Church. Imagine the spiritual confusion experienced by middle class Christians when the word got out there was a new type of Christian leader that embraced a godless political system.

From that point on removing the fear of God in America, which is the one fear that has to be removed for the parasite to destroy our nation, must have seemed to the elite only a matter of time. It was a small step onto the slippery slope but look where we’re at today because of it. The Georgia Guide Stones are up, the Ten Commandments are down. Presenting Jesus in public school is unacceptable, praising allah is encouraged.

Taking a more focused view, it’s easy to see that removing Christianity from our lives has been on the bureaucratic fast track for years now but the open support for Islam is a relatively new phenomenon.

Godless New World Order? Don’t Count On It

For those of us who lived through the Cold War the term godless communism is very familiar. Stories of religious persecution in communist countries were often reported. That’s not surprising based on this Karl Marks quote: “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism”.

Modern communist leaders now, though, like to show their gentrification; that is, their new attitude gained after the Berlin Wall came down.

“World progress is only possible through a search for universal human consensus as we move forward to A NEW WORLD ORDER.” ― Mikhail Gorbachev

Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait is an “act of terrorism that has been perpetrated against the emerging NEW WORLD ORDER.” ― Eduard Shevardnadze

The Soviet gentrification came complete with an impression of a peaceful coexistence with religion. This was necessary because while the global elite had spent more than a century working hard to remove the knowledge of God from the face of the earth, in 1997 they re-introduced, with United Nations support, their very own inter-faith based One World Religion and it appears The Void is the object of their affection.

The birth of the inter-faith movement is recorded as taking place on September 11, 1893 in Chicago, IL which coincides with the Christian socialist activity time frame noted above. It was quiescent for a full one hundred years until the UN invited Episcopal Bishop William Swing to help them celebrate the 50th anniversary of their organization. Twenty years later it has grown to this. Readers familiar with the old bucksafa11info will not be surprised by the group featured at the very appropriate top left of center position on this page.

Closing in on the identity of the parasite, the questions that have to be pondered are why is the elite setting up an inter-faith movement after spending a hundred years actively trying to discredit God? Why is it they are attacking Christian values here in the US and maintain silence about the murdering Islamic rampages throughout the world that have been targeting Christians? What is it about the promise of Jesus that gives so many of the elite the heebie-jeebies? Oh, yeah. They’re probably not too thrilled about that.

Confronting Original Sin in the 21st Century

This is not going to be a doctrinal approach on the subject of Original Sin. It is more of an exploratory based study on five words found in Genesis 3:5, “ye shall be as gods”. Few mainstream churches venture too far beyond Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God when they address Original Sin but the phrase, “ye shall be as gods”, first recorded as taking place sometime after Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden and uttered by the serpent, has been repeated so often by the elite in the last hundred years that it begs a closer examination of the meaning and intent of those who repeat it.

Before outlining the secularist organizations working within the design of our demise here are examples of alleged Christians helping to condition us to accept the approaching Big Deception. Here’s two you might be familiar with:

“You don’t have a god in you, you are one!” Kenneth Copeland (1987)

“Are you ready for some real Revelation knowledge? You are god!” Benny Hinn from “Our Position in Christ”

As the parasite was presented to provide a model for understanding the power of the enemy of humanity here is some general information intended to provide the reader unfamiliar with the territory we are headed into with some background. It is offered as argument that the territory does exist and there is an ongoing concerted effort to replace our Christ based beliefs with a dependence on a scientific technocracy.

Democracy Rooted in Ancient Mystery Religions

For the record, the USA was founded as a Republic. No ceremony was performed, no certificate issued that changed our status to Democracy, at least publicly. The subject came up during the 19th Century Socialist attack on the American culture mentioned above. The Progressive Woodrow Wilson was quite taken with the term and he probably influenced the unofficial title transfer during the conscious, that is, early period of his presidency. The opportunistic Democrats picked right up on it. The Republicans, much like todays version, looked the other way.

Moving on…

The ancient mysteries, so fervently pursued by the confused adherents of New Age Enlightenment, are an empty spiral of misleading suggestions and deceptive promises that open portals to subjugation. According to most adept masters their knowledge is based on secrets from a hidden and long ago past that hold the key to the perfection one must gain to achieve the god state. The most in depth study of the Grand Deception I’ve encountered online is here. A brief but rather concise background is available here.

While reading the information posted on both of those sites it is not difficult to recognize that this ‘loose knit group of innocent organizations with ambiguous goals…’ do share one aim: the destruction of the current order as accepted by most middle class Americans. Karl Marx would be most comfortable in a successful New Age.

The mystery religions have been pushing Democracy as the favored brand of government for a few thousand years but you don’t have to dig back that far to tap into the occult elite’s game plan for the United States. Four hundred years to Elizabethan England is deep enough.

It is there we find Francis Bacon, an acknowledged genius of his time, whose vision included the restoration of mankind to its pre-fall from grace state through the advancement of science and the English colonization of the New World; a world meant to be the seed bed for a New Atlantis he planned as the future seat of a global democracy ruled by Britain.

In the award winning volume one video of “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings”, Peter Dawkins, founder and president of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, states Bacon based his work on the Bible but the approach he used in his search for knowledge was through Kabbalah. If you spend any time researching the movers and shakers of Bacon’s New World you will discover that detail was quite common; while they gave the impression they were Christian, in actuality their belief was Deistic; since Deism denies the divinity of Jesus Christ one has to wonder just which of Nature’s Gods they were committed to.

Another 17th Century genius, John Dee preceded and is said to have mentored Francis Bacon in matters of science and metaphysics.

The mathematician Dee and philosopher/writer/scientist Bacon are generally accepted as the founders of the Rosicrucian’s and modern Freemasonry, respectively, in England. Some dispute the accuracy of that assessment but it matters little. The fact remains both made use of the metaphysical in their quest for answers and for the spirits they chose to question, obliqueness is a big part of their game. That obliquity would spill over into the elite’s plans as they conspired to draft the scheme for world government following their nether world advisor’s directions.

A thinking person might ask, if global democracy is such a good thing why hasn’t it been addressed openly since Bacon’s time instead of only between initiates? Did they really fear the wrath of the Kings in the 17th Century? What prevented them from disclosing their plan as our Nation unfolded?

It appears the secret societies were willing only to present their intentions to the other inhabitants of the secret world they lived in via the architecture of our capitol. Keeping the tax paying citizens informed of their intentions was not part of their agenda. Even in the closing year of the 20th Century, their barking dogs were unleashed on those who lately brought to light the paradox of a proclaimed Christian nation’s government buildings reflecting only a belief in pagan gods.

By the way, did you notice the formula mentioned in the opening paragraphs above was used in unleashed to belittle those who questioned the contradiction? Perhaps they are concerned that if their efforts are exposed prematurely We, the Riff-Raff, would be wanting to meet them in the shade of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil for a knuckle sandwich picnic.

Has the occult elite purposely mislead the American taxpayer because they feared our wrath? They certainly have good reason for that. They continue to steal from us to fund the development of their world wide networks that serve to enslave us. They use lie filled feel good phrases like ‘we have to do it for the children’ or ‘save the planet’ to get deeper into our pockets and our psyche.

The political controller pursues a war without end against terrorism even as we are repeatedly told that Islam is a religion of peace. Our Constitutional guarantees are usurped by laws like Patriot Act I and II but they won’t be used against the usual and logical suspects for an alleged fear of profiling; and now a horrendous health care program with more built in chains is waiting to financially enslave everyone but those the elite exclude, including themselves.

If you still entertain doubts about the depth of the conspiracy against your well-being or even doubt that it exists consider this quote:

“The purpose of education and the schools is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students.” – Professor Benjamin Bloom, called “Father of Outcome-based Education

If you do not click on any of the links throughout this effort, please visit the link to Outcome-based Education. There you will read, along with other gems of the elite:

Most employees under this model need not be educated. It is far more important that they be reliable, steady and willing to follow directions.

Do you need any further insight into the reason the illegal invasion has been ignored by recent administrations, Republican and Democrat alike? Do you not see this purposeful political inaction is made with the sole intent of destroying the backbone of America? They are in blatant violation of their Oaths of Office to protect and defend US as directed by Article IV Section 4 of the United States Constitution as tens of millions of illegal invaders have crossed our borders since the Reagan amnesty. It has been planned and pursued even into the education sector, aided and abetted by the ruling elite.

They have no intention of changing the direction of the dark future they plan for despite the current cost to the tens of millions out of work Americans. How better to establish a serf like mentality for the future in the minds of the children of those displaced American workers than by showing them first hand they too can be replaced with a no visa, submissive third world worker? What better reminder for the children than to see their formerly productive dad sitting home getting money for nothing, watching a three hundred channel TV?

And the Parasite Is…

It could be easy for anyone who read these words and the supporting links to think they were intended to make you believe this Great American Experiment was doomed from the start but that wasn’t the intent of this effort. In order to fix a problem you have to first identify the problem and the problem lies way above the enabling White House pay grade.

At some point, if we are to survive as a Nation, we have to pull our heads out of the sand the elite make so appealing and recognize the truth in this old verse:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12 KJV

Bring that truth to light; pray for forgiveness of the sins of our leaders and ourselves; trust in God and strengthen your family, friends and neighborhood against violence. If we can do that our future will brighten considerably.

UPDATE 15 September 2014

Interesting video brought to my attention. NASA and the occult.

Links First to Last


http://www.uri.org/ http://www.uri.org/talking_back_to_hate/partners

http://www.sirbacon.org/fbsplays.htm http://www.sirbacon.org/dodd.html

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  1. Having studied the inspired biblical model we can see the thread woven through human history that the approaches of the triad of influence, is the underlying principle in much clearer evidence today. “The world system” cosmos ” The flesh of mankind” which will use whatever means to elevate itself and ” the Satanic force or element This shall come to an abrupt end. Jesus Christ will rule with a rod of iron…Remember all nations are a drop in the bucket !!!

  2. We’re not surprised.

    From http://cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/mike-ciandella/universities-fcc-newsroom-probe-have-close-ties-soros-got-18m-funding#

    …The University of Wisconsin-Madison got a whopping $1,672,397 from Soros between 2000 and 2012. The university also offers OSI-sponsored grants, scholarships and fellowships.

    Friedland also heads Madison Commons, a liberal journalism group “powered by” the university’s School of Journalism. Madison Commons, in turn, is a project of the university but supported in part by American University’s J-Lab. AU, including its Cairo campus, has received $588,395 from OSF since 2008.

    The University Of Wisconsin School Of Journalism’s left-wing tilt has caused controversy before. The school also houses the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. That center narrowly avoided being banned from the campus when Gov. Scott Walker vetoed legislation that questioned the use of state funds to support a journalism group with a liberal agenda. The center has been a member of the Investigative News Network since 2011.

    This liberal network of journalism groups got $150,000 from Soros in 2012. Madison’s partner in the project, the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, got $120,000 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations in 2012. This is in addition to $75,000 given to the school as a whole in 2005, adding up to $195,000.

    The school has also partnered with Soros’ Open Society Institute on at least two occasions: once when the Open Society Institute funded a week-long conference on “ethnic media” put on by the school, and once when it coordinated a journalism project in South Africa with the help of a grant from the South African branch of the Open Society Foundations, for which we do not have access to tax returns. –

    See more at: http://cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/mike-ciandella/universities-fcc-newsroom-probe-have-close-ties-soros-got-18m-funding#sthash.cOZgd5b0.dpuf

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