Conspiracy of the Corrupt

Why is it in some communities, under certain circumstances usually involving a police officer and a shooting death, outsiders get away with invading with the intent to riot and inflict mayhem? Everyone, including the outsiders local political confederates, knows the outsiders are only there to exploit the ground zero theater.

The polite media will never openly discuss the real source of energy behind the burning outrage and the proclivity to destruction. Funding provided by the international criminal Soros is a strong indicator the looting and burning reported by the media is anything but spontaneous.

It’s been proven in the past manipulation by violence only works when it is supported by the political system’s operators. And while an effective method of protecting life, limb and property from the ne’er-do-wells is already known and could prevent further loss of life and neighborhood business it is officially, pointedly and quietly discouraged.

This issue is raised because, in the scheme of things, a criminal’s death on a hot summer night is small potatoes compared to the death and destruction wrought by the corruption throughout every level of government. Where’s the anger over the ethnic cleansing that’s been chasing blacks out of Los Angeles County for years? Have you heard any righteous anger coming from the black community over the racist name calling or the numerous related murders? Has the democrat party issued a no point bulletin to the media so the story stays local in California?

How about the corruption that enables the cartels to organize networks throughout our Country. When was the last time you saw an angry crowd come together over that pretended political ineptitude?

Chicago’s Mayor says more gun laws are needed and nobody calls him on the corruption that allows the Mexican cartels to do their business and kill dozens by the month with their product? Where’s that outrage?

After looking at this video can anyone not believe any of the government law enforcement organizations, if unleashed, could clean up the cartels that have been invading the United States for the last two decades?

Tighter gun control? How about outraged citizens calling for corruption control?

The Justice Department seemed able to tame the old school mafia pretty effectively once they decided they wanted to. Maybe that was to clear the path for the Plata o Plomo bunch because they fit better into the real money picture beginning to take shape.

Dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people is the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of corruption. The fields that corruption thrive on are varied and plentiful, its horizon is limited only by lack of ambition. The drive for money or power or both is a conductive force at every level of political structure. Schemes attract schemers like flies are drawn to the lips of a liar. And the scheme dreamt up to eradicate the liberty balance of Western civilization is the biggest scheme of them all.

It is the scheme designed by our enemy within, those brazen butchers of Benghazi whose vision of the North American Union does not include those of US who will not yield to their arrogant contrivance of replacing a people such as US, the mongrels of the Old World, covetous of our freedom, mindful of its price and willing to pay it again for our children’s advantage and again for their children’s profit.

When our politicians, architects of disaster all, look at those they view as our suitable replacements they see willing sychophants and swindlers. They see able controllers of the grated leftovers of the third world wars and the ossified survivors of the chaos raging south of the border. Zombies they think they can control. They see gold.

That is why we have open borders. That is why we have the State Department flying the Third World into the U.S.A one village at a time and that is why States and Cities are selling our culture for empty white house dollars and proclaiming they are Welcoming States blessed with Welcoming Cities populated by loving people who just don’t care that what is happening in Europe will eventually happen here.

Even if you ask the politicians directly for details it is unlikely you will get any.

My FOIA request asked the State of Michigan to:

Please provide:

Summary reports of agreements with any organization licensed to handle the entry of refugees and settlement of refugees into resettlement areas of Michigan and who will act in any role such as guardian, protector, advisor, chaperon, sentry or warden or any other official designation used by the United States Government or the State of Michigan Governments or any foreign government.


Summary reports of any Refugee Services health screening records for the federal government declared refugees being placed in the resettlement areas of Michigan by County. Please include country of origin, age, sex, religion, and health issues pertaining to communicable diseases and the medical facilities, if any, designated to treat any health issues that may be introduced into the State of Michigan that could impact its citizens.


Summary reports of Refugee Services plans for the education of the federal government declared refugees and details of how the cut off age of public school eligible children is determined and their placement within the existing class structure.

Official documents were used and returned to me in a PDF format. I am not computer savvy. I don’t even know how I managed to bring this website together and I sure can’t figure out how to make pdf show up here. What you see above is a copy of the content of the request I submitted. Here’s their answer:

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has received your request for public records and has processed it under the provisions of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 1976 PA 442, MCL 15.231 et seq. Because of the nature of your request it was sent to the Bureau of Community and Health Systems (BCHS) and Corporations, Securities, and Commercial Licensing Bureau (CSCL) to search for any non-exempt records that may be responsive to your request.

Your request has been denied. Please see comments below.


To the best of the LARA’s BCHS’ and CSCL’s knowledge, information, and belief, under the information provided by you or by any other description reasonably known to BCHS, the public records do not exist(MCL 15.235(5)(b))…

A few days later Breitbart published this:

So much for sharing honestly.

But wait. It gets better.

A couple of more days passed and this response from the manager of the city of Battle Creek arrived regarding refugee resettlement:

Thank you for your inquiry. The City of Battle Creek is not involved in refugee resettlement; this is the function of the federal government in cooperation with NGOs. Locally, that NGO is Lutheran Social Services (Samaritas), and I’d recommend you contact them for additional information and answers to most of your questions.

Here is also an infographic from the federal government that explains the screening process:

In terms of costs, local government dollars are not used on refugee resettlement. Refugees receive the same city services as everyone else, and, similarly, pay the same taxes.

Also for clarification, being a Welcoming City is not an immigrant attraction program.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me again.


Rebecca Fleury

And a few days later, this presented itself from: through this site

2. Community Engagement: In FY 2016, Samaritas led the Battle Creek refugee task force, a bimonthly meeting health providers, ethnic leaders, schools, MAA’s, and other required Quarterly Community Consultation (QCC) attendees and also serves as the venue for QCCs. The task force allows Samaritas to collaboratively address issues refugees may be facing in the community, and advocate for equitable access to services.

From these meetings resulted a new partnership with the Battle Creek Police Department with plans to provide ongoing community safety and law enforcement orientation to refugees beginning in the summer of FY 2016. Through the task force, Samaritas Battle Creek established a new relationship with the Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan to provide fair housing training to Samaritas staff and refugee tenants.

Another engagement is with the Battle Creek City Commission to support the Welcoming Michigan initiative, a statewide campaign that works with municipalities to help their communities become more inclusive of immigrants and refugees, and resulted in commissioners voting in favor to join the Welcoming City program. Samaritas also initiated outreach with nearby city of Kalamazoo, as interest in resettlement there has risen considerably.

Samaritas presented to churches and faith groups, universities, and other organizations and was able to partner in forming the Kalamazoo Refugee Council. The Council meets twice per month to discuss refugee issues and plan for the community to receive refugees from Samaritas, specifically Congolese and Syrian cases. As a result, one new co-sponsor agreed to sponsor two cases and multiple churches are preparing for future co-sponsorships as well as individual volunteers signing up to be involved.

Strategic plans for FY 2017 include continued outreach to faith communities and universities for co-sponsorship and volunteers. Samaritas expects five co-sponsorship agreements from community groups and 25 volunteers as benchmarks. Samaritas will also continue Battle Creek and Kalamazoo task force leadership in FY 2017 as an effective strategy to inform and engage with stakeholders, and to focus on developing new resources and partners to meet challenges with housing supply and expand access to language support services for new populations…

For one being trusted with the title of Manager Ms. Fleury evidently is out of touch with Battle Creek reality. Despite what she wrote, when Battle creek PD is involved, Battle Creek City Commission is mentioned and pressure from an UNnamed statewide campaign resulted in the commissioners voting in favor of joining the Welcoming City program despite the will of the citizens of Battle Creek opposing it at the public meeting, Battle Creek is involved.

Sounds like Battle Creek city government is up to it’s eyeballs in this culture change vehicle they call Welcoming Cities. The citizens?, not so much.

Death and destruction is headed our way, have no doubt about that. It will be the result of the continuing corruption we think of as business as usual that feeds on our Nation’s soul. Only it ain’t business as usual. It’s war on US aided and abetted by the criminal traitors within.

Where’s the outrage?

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