More About Fusion Centres


…“We hear about the FBI leaving little notes on people’s doors. It’s an investigative tactic, often used by terrorism liaison officers,” Whitehead said. “These TLOs can be police, firefighters, corporate employees trained to report back to the fusion center or other government agency. They can tap into your travel, shopping habits; it’s interconnected tactics to watch people. It connects into these threat assessments they’re doing on certain people. They go from green to red in determining whether you could be a terrorist, and it’s also part of pre-crime programs, trying to predict crimes before they happen. They’re watching everything you’re doing online.”

That explains why Brenda Arthur’s own city and state, with the help of a federal fusion center and the Muslim community, are building a dossier on her.

She has been one of ACT For America’s most successful chapter heads, building contacts at the State Capitol and educating lawmakers on the dark side of refugee resettlement – the side of the story they will never hear from lobbyists with the Chamber of Commerce, Catholic Charities and Episcopal Migration Ministries.

They must discredit her activism.

“There is so much influence from the Muslim community and they are using it to build a case against her,” Haney said. “A case of anti-Muslim bias, discrimination, racism, bigotry, they throw those terms around like a dodge ball. If they don’t hit you with one they’ll hit you with another, and they are doing this preemptively to insulate themselves and have something to fall back on if they ever have a problem with her.”…