Chickens Going Home to Roost

Been a bad couple of days for Mexican pride and US gringos are still getting blamed.

About four years ago, maybe five, when progressive democrats controlled the white house and guns and drugs were the name of the game guns to Mexico were in play on the down low until the DOJ got caught dealing them but that story has yet to be told in court therefore the penance is yet to be served.

Anyway, four or five years ago I got tired of reading Mexico’s problems would go away if only the norteamericanos would control their drug appetite. So I did a search on Mexico’s drug addiction which you have to agree wasn’t easy because it’s never mentioned. A Mexican driving drunk and killing an innocent American or five might have been reported on a daily basis somewhere across this great land because as everyone knows it’s five o’clock somewhere all the time and driving tight is a Mexican’s right. That awareness program, btw, had little impact.

I did find a drug treatment company active in Mexico and they posted the numbers of Mexican addicts on their website. It turns out compared to the number of US addicts there were fewer Mexican addicts in Mexico. Percentage wise? Mexican addicts compared to the Mexican population outnumbered US addicts compared to the U.S. population by a statistically significant whole point. Now that president Trump has at least started to deport I’m certain our numbers will go down and Mexico’s will climb even more.

Today I came across this story and while the US is still getting the blame, somebody in Mexico is finally facing UNpleasantries.

But wait! Then this was announced. Yeah, yeah I know it’s a play by the globalist elite but it’s nice information to share with LaRaza.

Tonight I will close with a toast. To all you sanctuary city mayors and governors of welcoming states who will soon get US sliding down the index and into some real change… here’s to stupidity and corruption and you. May your pictures appear every day on the front page dressed in prison garb; everyone of you who participated in the transformation of our Nation.

It can be called “Lest We Forget”.

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