Would You Buy a Used Car From This Woman?

It didn’t take the left long to roll out their new gun grabbing strategy given the proper setting to build on. While Tallahassee’s capitol buildings reverberated today with the classic commie chant ‘we’re students united we’ll never be divided’, the global elite yawned. If it wasn’t for the hardened tone and stiff necks one could almost see the young and tender hearts trying to care past their personal space.

The adult agitators on the other hand make it easy to understand where their heads are at. Diane Ravitch, who appears to be a hired gun for public schools posted, ‘Weapons of war belong in the hands of trained military and police, not civilians, not children.’

Diane Ravitch,Research Professor of Education at New York University also posted instructions on how to reduce gun homicides that claims ‘Only in the United States do we lose one person every 15 minutes to gun violence’. That’s four an hour. That’s ninety six a day. That’s thirty four thousand nine hundred and forty four a year. Hell, Snopes ain’t even that crazy.

There are a couple of deadlier matters young people face every day and they know it. These are matters that don’t present the same big stage opportunity for their feelings yet the children have control over both of those deadlier killers: Drugs and driving.

The school shootings, according to the CDC number less than a thousand since 1992. If that sounds heartless, too bad. You’re being played on an issue you don’t understand and I’m betting you never will.

Hey, kids, you want something to get upset about? How about sexual assaults by teachers on students. I hear those numbers are sky rocketing.

In the meantime here’s some good advice from the movies. Stay off my lawn.

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