Les Incredibles

The period of political and societal unrest the elites use to mark the end of an age and the unfolding of the new societal design is intentionally a complicated affair. Defining an enemy during those times is, for the soft and mushy, an exercise in relativity that often times doesn’t end well.

Evidence of murder, exhumed on government property that once was the abode of high powered politicians notwithstanding, our enemies appear to be a far ranging lot who look upon their victims as randomly targeted casualties of misfortune instead of being representative of a balance due on a karmic transaction with consequences resulting from actions of the easily manipulated

The fundamental warm and fuzzy righteousness displayed by the gentle, loving creatures with an off the chart EQ they rely on to offset the usually normal IQ is consistently found to be based on hyperbolic spouting’s from groups that emerge when needed from the left’s political uterus; which now apparently serves as the replacement for the human female reproductive organ the progressives have convinced women to sublimate; denying their natural designed travail in order to toil for the advancement of the totalitarian deception.

More about those emerging groups in the future.

But now, from the world of some animals are more equal than others… or maybe the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office that works out of the sanctuary city known as Philadelphia is way too busy for bleeding heart Bensalem…

You want an example of white privilege, nay even greater than that, class privilege, read the following news story. ICE has had the nerve to arrest a Polish MD living and working in Kalamazoo whose ticket to ride roughshod was a green card he’s held for forty years. Read the shock expressed at the nerve of those charged with protecting US for arresting someone who thought his status as a doctor was more important than gaining United States citizenship

All it sounds like to me is is President Trump wants it to be known his administration is an equal opportunity 287 (g) ass kicker. I got no problem with that.

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