Leftist Media’s Endless Supply of EZ Twist Panties

continues to be put on display. Bear with me.

Today I saw a photograph and accompanying article about a White House intern who, instead of showing a thumbs up pose as every other White House intern was, assembled his right hand into what was once known as the OK hand sign. It has apparently been designated as the dreaded White Power hand signal.

It occurred to me, as I thought back to the days when the muslim brotherhood had the run of the white house that the picture of one of Obama’s designated DHS advisors Waleed Sharaby flashing the R4BIA hardly drew a second glance but this young man’s right hand draws international attention immediately.

Don’t believe me?

Do a search on white house intern flashes white power hand sign and look at the interest it generates. Then search for mohamed elibiary flashes r4bia muslim brotherhood salute. Compare the results. Contrast the coverage. Consider the deep twist in the panties.

The massaging of the leftist manufactured anger points is beyond tiresome.

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