Letter to Congressperson Amash and Cronies

It is the most ignored story coming out of the East Coast and because what looks like the complete involvement of the democrat party I and many of my friends here in Battle Creek have been waiting for you to weigh in on the facts. The story went public in February so it’s not like you haven’t had the time to come to some kind of Awan understanding.
I’m talking about Imran Awan and his fellow operatives from Pakistan. They have been engaging in a U.S. Congress spy operation allegedly since early in the millenium and who could still have the capability to monitor our most sensitive security issues from inside Pakistan, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

You, as a member of that august body, should know what is going on regarding the spying and you should be letting your constituents know you are engaged in the ‘protect and defend’ mode your swearing in ceremony mentioned.

Currently, Imran Awan, allegedly attached to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, is under indictment for bank fraud related charges. When compared to selling access to the computers and blackberry devices as well as passwords of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats and perhaps Republicans in the House of Representatives those bank fraud charges are an insult to the American people.
You see, we here in Battle Creek, MI. do not claim to be high level intelligence operators with access to information the U.S. Congress has, but we do know what the Pakistan ISI is and we don’t believe it has the well-being of U.S. citizens in mind.
We also think the ensuing national security breach is so heinous that we wonder if your concern about federal surveillance that got you elected interferes with your judgment when you are faced with evidence that points to a major imbedded foreign spy ring that has, with Congressional cooperation, compromised our Nation’s security and is not being investigated by the FBI/CIA/NSA.
We remain dazzled that only a handful of Congressmen have openly and only recently discussed these crimes. You evidently missed this story but the brothers of Imran Awan were all fired last February. Debbie WS continued to protect Imran until he was arrested in July and his wife, Hina Alvi, allegedly an IT specialist, too, who was once employed by democrats and who had fled the U.S. in March, is going to be extradited back to the U.S. sometime in November.
The answers we want from you is where is the formal investigation meant to gauge the depths of these crimes that could still be taking place under the Congressional nose? We all recall you were hoping that Ted or Marco or Jeb! would be the POTUS, anyone but DJT, but it didn’t work out that way, did it? Are you republicans ever going to get over that disappointment and remember you were elected to do the Peoples business, not the party’s bidding? Do you think you will be able to address this most serious concern of your constituents anytime soon?
We had to suffer 8 years of Obama as we waited to put you all in position to right the grievous wrongs done to America, but now you refuse to do anything that really matters. If you think Imran Awan is nothing more than a bad dream, I am sure Louie Gohmert would be happy to fill you in on the bigger part of the story.

You do know who Louie Gohmert is, don’t you? 

Late update Day 361.3. Sneak Peek at the Trial of the Century – AwanGate + AwanContra Try to stay with it.

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