Like Links in a Chain

These are the dots of their lies…

Do you ever acknowledge that black star twinkling in the back of your mind? The one that reflexively diverts your attention from the black ice properties of every political crime wave justified by democrats as progress? The one that transforms obvious political crimes into an acceptance of them as the necessary grease that keeps the no-matter-what wheels turning and our Country moving in the general direction of somebody else’s idea of forward that has so far delivered nothing but promises of some adjustable level of comfort for everybody but them? Their comfort level, of course, is high and it’s guaranteed.

Hats off to Charlottesville, VA residents who have decided to address their infestation of political criminals.

Don’t ask don’t tell UNconstitutional shenanigans, accepted and approved by millions of US as necessary political grease is the agent that smoothes the transformation of political roles and responsibilities until the politician’s responsibility becomes their survival and our role is to provide for their well-being. For the occasional clucking opportunity distraction, and no disrespect for the dead is intended, we are provided stories like not even thinking it’s possible that the cause of that national tragedy can be traced to treasonous congressional treachery.

Stop the American ouroboros. Cast off the chains.

Once Upon a Time In a Heat Wave

It was a languid early evening that Thursday outside the back of Barry’s Bath House. We waited patiently even as the sun heated sidewalk radiated into our soles and the heat from the dingy air conditioner leaning, angling down from overhead the door was pointed into the shade of the concrete stairwell.

Trapped, the AC exhaust fed the invisible whirl that pressed heavy against the heart. Like an undersized blood pressure cuff that added to a patient’s anxiety it’s droning hum weighed heavier than the humidity hanging just short of its mercurial, not so distant diastolic relative which, the last I heard was 92 degrees and still rising.

We were told to wait outside until the boss showed up. It was July in D.C. alright. Something big was up and we were needed…

Welcome to the Unfolding American nightmare’s not-so-early edition where we are busy connecting dots and yanking the political criminal’s chains. Pay attention because the big boys are playing with your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in a very serious manner and it’s going to be up to US to put the capitals back where they belong in those framework words.

It is also going to be difficult for the criminal democrats to sell their UNinvolvement in the phony manipulation we witnessed Saturday in Charlottesville’s Battle for the Two Sides Same Coin trophy filmed by the National Guard.

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It is true the film would have to be released for public viewing quickly for the integrity of its content not to be questioned.

But don’t go getting the idea this post is only about the Soros Setup Saturday birthday celebration.

That was a bit more than a birthday announcement but what the heck, it’s on track and entertaining, too. Good on Lionel.

Before venturing any further into present day fakery let’s review the democrat ethics that guided their campaign initiatives and character they obviously feel we are due.

To advance the repudiation of the idiot’s enabling argument that ‘a secret that big can’t be a secret for long’ we turn to Jay Sekulow from

The American Center for Law and Justice founded by President Trump’s new lawyer Jay Sekulow has uncovered collusion beyond anything ever documented in the history of government. I have heard so many times “a cover-up could not occur, because too many people would have to be involved.” That is the excuse given in so many cases to influence the public to disbelieve in “cover-ups.” In this case it proves that many people will work together in different areas of government agencies and media outlets, in fact, to cover-up and collude to protect a “higher-up.” The American people must upgrade their way of thinking after understanding how wide reaching the cover-up is in the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting…

There is very little doubt left in the minds of an increasing number of Americans who recognize that Charlottesville was the latest move in the very dirty game the Democrats went all in to stay in that ends, they hope, with their not so cherry topping on Obama’s fundamentally changed Duhmerica.

Democrat agent or State Department provocateur vs the Unite the Right stooge.

Antifa is the gangster’s A team. The gangsters chosen opposition ideology they’d like God fearing Americans to be identified with is labeled with a far right tag. They’ll be the hands on manipulated… they who end up in Federal custody after making a call on a cell phone handed to them by their undercover cohort

The everyday citizens will be made to feel they somehow share a responsibility in this staged rebellion because God, Mom and apple pie still exist in our memory and our memories are triggered by statues and such

Oh yeah. These boys are fixing to take US to a fine place. Yes, indeed. Can’t you just feel it approaching?

When Actions Match Words and Nobody Notices

There is a lot of sitting up and taking notice today of McMaster’s and CAIR’s cozy relationship that might not make sense to many people.

Some background you should consider before shrugging it off from Daniel Greenfield

…When we talk about the swamp, it’s not an organization. It’s a way of life. If you’re not fighting the swamp all the time, if you don’t wake up resisting it and go to bed fighting free of it, you will drown in it.