What Is the Measure of Lawless?

There is a trial going on in Nevada most people do not appear to be interested in. What Americans should be interested in are the tactics in play against the defendants.

From https://redoubtnews.com/2017/07/prosecutors-bunkerville-deception/

…In order to convict the 4 defendants of assaulting federal officers, threatening federal officers, extortion, using firearms in crimes of violence and other offenses, prosecutors must emphasize agents’ testimony that the agents saw guns pointed at them while concealing all imagery which refutes such statements. The government’s strategy is therefore one of concealment and deception. Thus far the rulings of Judge Gloria Navarro seem to give prosecutors an avenue to carry out this strategy.

On the morning of July 10, 2017—just as defense lawyers were preparing for jury selection in the trial Judge Navarro granted the prosecution’s “motion in limine” prohibiting the defense from bringing up BLM conduct, or any of the events leading up to the April 12, 2014 protest. Prosecutors have been vigorously objecting to any attempt by the defense to introduce photos or video which contradicts prosecution witness testimony. And almost every government witness claims to have no recollection of sequence or timing, thereby making it difficult to show an image that clearly refutes the witness’s testimony.

On Thursday, July 27, 2017, an anonymous juror asked a simple written question to a witness: will the jury ever get to see images from different angles? Judge Navarro intercepted the question and told the jurors that most trials have no photos at all and are based only on witness testimony. It is an “unreasonable expectation,” Navarro told jurors, to expect to see photos from additional perspectives. Of course Navarro knows there are numerous pictures which would discredit the witness’s claims (as many were shown in the previous trial). But Navarro suggested that jurors are to focus on the testimony of the government witnesses.

Count me amongst those, being denied the opportunity to view all evidence including photographs and videos taken by law enforcement organizations on the scene, who consider the Bunkerville trial and all the verdicts that are reached as a result of it a sham and a travesty. A sham that was pursued by Obama’s DOJ and a travesty continued by President Trump’s administration.


No mention there of presumption of innocence from the former Congressman. Then again, it wasn’t on the Attorney General’s mind, either, was it?

Drain the swamp, already.

It Ain’t the Tables That Are Crooked in Vegas

Andrea Parker reports on the trial that’s already made the finals for the crookedest trial of the century in many American’s minds.

And while people are upset with the comment made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions I think he is actually calling for the people to take action…

“I’ve got to tell you, it’s impressive when you have a tough case, a controversial case and you’ve got the top guy leading the battle, going to court, standing up and defending the office and the principles of the law…….I’m not taking sides or commenting on the case. Just want to say that leadership requires, a lot of times, our people to step up and be accountable.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Own Words Spoken in Las Vegas July 12, 2017

Sounds like something President Trump would message to America when he’s talking about MAGA, don’t you think? What is that called? Oh yeah, dog whistles.

This is novel. Judge gets to ask questions for the prosecutor.


It’s not often one finds a model of confrontational chaos being played out that is as easy to follow as this Kalkaska Michigan story. You’ve heard of deep state by now, of course, but have you ever considered the shallow state?

Picture then, if you will, the headwaters of political corruption where the rich soil is the idle chatter of happy hour and graft is born from the spoiled fruit of the empty thoughts that drift languidly through such gatherings and blend surreptitiously with the plans of the obdurate predators of the locally taxed.

Such is the shallow state. Found in small towns across America they feed the corruptive pipelines nourishing the criminal enterprises with the book title name Deep State.

Small towns also produce resistance to the shallow state. In Kalkaska, resistance to the shallow state has been encouraging. The good news is less than half the village appears to agree with the outside agitators.

What is UNsettling about that is the lack of discernment the offended ones display. How do they survive living up there in the north where Bear Lake is called Bear Lake for a reason?

If a villager wanted to be upset about something you would think learning your village is on the verge of collapse because of some sweet heart deal made 15 or 20 years ago would be all a normal person needed…

…People should pay closer attention to how the village is being run because it is on the verge of collapse, said attorney John Di Giacomo, who represents a retired village clerk and other former village employees who have recently sued the village over suspended retirement benefits.

DiGiacomo sent a letter to the village on behalf of Virginia Thomas after her health benefits were cut off by trustees several years ago.

Thomas, a former clerk and village president, retired in 2010; in 1996, she and other employees negotiated to receive lifetime health benefits to be paid by the village.

Whether or not that was a prudent move by the village at the time, a jury, the Michigan Court of Appeals, and the state Supreme Court have found that Thomas was owed the benefits.

Despite the initial finding by a jury in Kalkaska, however, the village continued to pursue a losing case.

The village appealed the jury verdict, and the Court of Appeals rejected each one of the village’s arguments, which meant the village was then on the hook for the plaintiff’s court costs. Rather than relenting after the release of that decision in March 2016, the village hired retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice Clifford Taylor, presumably seeking an inside track to a favorable opinion. The gambit failed. In September, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. The Northern Express filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the village to discover the cost of hiring Taylor; it was not immediately fulfilled.

Di Giacomo said that throughout the lawsuit, he offered the village numerous opportunities to settle for an amount that would have been far less painful than what the jury finally ruled…

If only the career paths of the leading bleeding heart of Kalkaska and the past president of the village weren’t crossing in the same corporate construct, this whole odious reaction from outside the village boundary focused on one American’s opinion wouldn’t seem like it’s a cover for those responsible for the burden birthed long ago in the shallow state whose full and dire consequences are yet to be experienced.


Here I Thought CAIR’s Arrogance Was Because of Obama’s Protection

Turns out they’re just inbred* enough to believe their own BS about being special people and democrats are craven enough to support that canard.

From https://www.investigativeproject.org/6412/richard-blumenthal-cair-ally-posts-al-Qaida

…Dhaouadi is a man of contradictions. On one hand, he says that Islam and terror do not mix.

“These terrorist groups don’t represent our faith, do not represent our community. And so we want to make that clear to everyone who keeps saying that we don’t hear enough from the Muslim community. We say it and we say it over and over again,” Dhaouadi said in November 2015.

On the other, Dhaouadi reposted a pro-Qatar video on his Facebook page last month by Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, a specially designated terrorist and former Osama bin Laden loyalist…

Last October, Blumenthal spoke at CAIR Connecticut’s 13th annual banquet with radical Islamist Linda Sarsour.

That month, Blumenthal also participated in a joint press conference with Dhaouadi and announced a plan to bring Syrian refugees into the U.S. quicker. A month later, Blumenthal again stood with Dhaouadi and CAIR Connecticut at his state’s capitol on Nov. 21 calling for stronger hate crimes laws…

…Several weeks after the hate crimes press conference, Blumenthal attended a forum on the subject at the Islamic Center of Connecticut in Windsor with Dhaouadi. During this CAIR-sponsored event, Blumenthal promised to “vigorously question” Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.

Blumenthal held a joint press conference with Dhaouadi in February to protest President Trump’s proposed travel ban.

“We urge the president, abandon the Muslim ban. Abandon the religious test,” Blumenthal said…

Which raises the question, what is the progressive’s excuse for willingly accepting the role of the village idiot?

* Ethics Statement

The study was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University, India. We obtained informed written consent from the parents, caretakers, or guardians on behalf of minors/children participants involved in our study.

Making Sense of the Decline

From http://yournewswire.com/hillary-clinton-ties-russia/

…Meeting with President Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, this report notes, this meeting initiated by Natalia Veselnitskaya (without Kremlin knowledge) enabled her to detail this Clinton-DNC-Russia plot—and that President Trump assured President Putin the details of would shortly “become reality” in the US press…

Well, I did my part.

Ever the optimist, here’s little travelling music for the Arch-criminals.

The Fortunes

Dominicans Bring So Much to Our Shores

This story would lead most readers to conclude the business model described here https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/rhode-island/articles/2017-04-13/3-brothers-arrested-in-fbi-drug-trafficking-sting was operating like a pharmaceutical manufacturer and the corner druggist. It’s not. It’s Mexicans employing the Dominicans as their secure delivery service.

A brief look at that politically obscured chain of security within the realm of sanctuary city enhancement will help point out the real danger of sanctuary cities.

The cartels, like the Jesuits, worked out the smuggling routes long ago using the ‘escaping war and persecution’ and ‘doing jobs Americans won’t do anymore’ guilt bombs to hide behind. You will have to read the special report at the bottom to get a more complete understanding of what was going on twenty years ago that lead to the current peccadillo American people are trying to deal with that originates from the political deception driving the elitist’s agenda.

After smugglers establish their routes and get the alcohol/people/drugs/people successfully moving along those routes with losses incurred when law enforcement interrupts, it’s time for the gangsters to introduce themselves to the politicians and work out a deal. These days it’s called plato o plomo translating to silver or lead. Pleasure or pain. If such a deal is reached things get even easier for the gangsters.

Then one day somebody comes up with a new idea incorporating civil rights that do not exist and they call it sanctuary cities. Local police do not contact the Feds when they come in contact with an invader who is not engaging in a felony or has no felony conviction.

One problem with that for those of US who rely on the Rule of Law to protect civilization is false identity is so cheap and they are available at flea markets everywhere. Not to mention the cartels have the means and wherewithal to insure the squeaky clean versions for their mules living in and working out of a sanctuary city.

Is Providence, Rhode Island a sanctuary city? Check.

Boston, MA.? Check.

Hartford, CT.? Check

What about New York? Yo, you kidding me? Fuhgeddaboudit.

This drug war is beginning to look like an A-Team rerun.

The cartel seems to have the northeast sewed up tighter than the stitching on a new baseball. It is unlikely the rest of the country has escaped their influence.

Before you start pointing out President Trump is running the show now and things are going to be different from here on in, read these moldy oldies from 1999 and 2011 and ponder the probabilities.

But don’t think this is just about money. Drug deaths are being recorded at record levels throughout our Nation. It’s being called the opioid epidemic. Read on and maybe you will start thinking of it as a war being waged on US.

Here’s a special report they won’t show on the fake news. If you ever read it I hope you recognize and acknowledge Michele Bachmann’s courage. Then start considering the possibility that prudent measures may not be so silly after all.

Sanctuary City Payoffs

Pennsylvania Turnpike makes it happen.
Didn’t think you would want to miss this one… it’s got it all… for the modern news viewer anyway using CNN standards…

Dominican invaders living in Philadelphia and making their killer delivery to western PA got busted on the turnpike with $75,000 worth of heroin because they didn’t have their head lights on in a construction zone.
You know, if the traffic control signs aren’t multilingual maybe their host city political patrons can express their submission, I mean their concern for the invaders feelings, by arranging a monetary settlement for causing the impatient refugees such embarrassment.

Hey, San Francisco did it. Why can’t Kenney?

The Philadelphia workers can’t be Taxed Enough Already, I haven’t heard any screaming. The leftover Philadelphia soda taxpayers should be happy to cover the non-producers guilt. They are pretty complacent about supporting a criminal substructure, so what’s a quarter million between chumps?

Wait a minute… Philadelphia hasn’t heard about this? Whoa, please, accept my apologies. I thought it was all over the evening news already.

Maybe the progressives want to keep it on the down low when it doesn’t quite fit their narrative about how living in a sanctuary would make the invaders want to cooperate with law enforcement and even live a peaceful, productive life appreciating the civilized society they risked everything to escape to.

Whoops to you Mr. Mayor. Your bad.