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Last night, when 78% of CNN’s post speech poll reflected an America solidly behind President Trump, Democrats were once again shown that the phrase, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is meaningless to their Party leadership.

No, it is worse than that. Our Constitutional celebration of God’s purpose and design for a free people burns the Party leaders with an unappeasable despair right down to the acidic core of their demonic, hateful nature.

These same pharaonic, whited political sepulchers, these self-righteous lying criminals, all of them ignoring the eternity of payback that awaits when their Luciferian loans come due, refuse to recognize their absurdities they cloak in white, an impossible white that only highlighted their craven departure the whole world witnessed as they scuttled out the back door to avoid their conqueror, Trump
the Vanquisher.

These shallow, traitorous villains, their hearts replaced with mud-like adamantine hard drippings scraped from the inner hind legs of dysenteric chupacabras delivered through the Democrat initiate’s anal cavity during their 33rd level of Party initiation and witnessed by the dutiful English banksters who specialize in such matters, these villains harbor such ill will toward US they used the Obama DOJ in an arrogant assumptive attempt to enslave US.

These same snakes were not satisfied with flying UN vetted jihadis into our midst. They were abusing the power of the government to fund LaRaza, the National Urban League and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, formerly known as ACORN in order to strengthen those militant organizations.

These same scum have been attacking US for years. They have been using both Parties as weapons against those of US defending our flag and our family’s future and who have limited our activities in that pursuit by following the law the leftists paid for by Obama’s government ignore.

That same political scum enlisted their hell bound fellow travelers from the fallen away corrupt church and stimulated their whorish tainted piety and overblown self-valuation with Judas money in order to place those refugees the Obama administration created amongst US. All those usual suspects proved once again why their churches remain empty. Their intent was never about helping the needy; it is about fortifying their position of influence with no regard to the impact it is having on our Republic.

If their concern was based on love for their fellow man they would have long ago rushed to rescue José Manuel Mireles Valverde, the founder of the Autodefensas in the Mexican State of Michoacan who stood their ground and fought off the Templarios. As hard as it is to believe, there were Mexicans who did not choose to take the free and easy path through their neighbors Country stealing our wealth our criminal leaders were tossing to the winds.

No, Mireles and his men were applying the solution Mexico needs to end their troubles; and all those feckless church pirates were doing was preaching deception from their pulpits of guilt. Instead of celebrating the Autodefensas successes and encouraging the Mexican people to victory over the wickedness that rules their land, the churches willingly participated in the human trafficking designed to overwhelm our system.

Mireles thanks for doing the job his government refuses to do? The corrupt Mexican government put him in prison on a weapons charge in 2014.

The social justice warriors who ran rampant over our Country during Obama’s regime think they still have the power to continue on. They think they can mock the wife of a fallen SEAL. They think they can mock President Trump and his family. They think they can mock US.

The Democrat leadership better start realizing something. Americans aren’t as stupid as you Democrats are arrogant. We are aware that you alone are turning the days of the Trump Presidency into dangerous times. Don’t ignore that CNN poll.

Three out of four Americans are calling bull shit on Democrat sponsored fascist hate and the enslavement and abuse that is looking more and more like an intended consequence.

The secret government of Obama should make the effort to figure out how to better deal with the energy supporting President Trump or they’ll be given another lesson spelled out in the 70’s…

Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.

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