After My Election…

Lest we forget…

Obama’s flexibility as he explained it to Medveded as the British tabloid, the Telegraph, explained it to the world.

More, as I recall, than the Obama imperial staff explained to US.

My point is to share one more example of the hypocrisy of the war mongering globalists who have no moral bearings, only issues they use as tools to get their way. The war Clinton was supposed to bring to US was postponed with the American people’s victory over her, which as you should have figured out by now, only changed the timetable. Their energy and focus is now in reclaiming the control required to enable the self deception function they use in place of that which most of humanity is equipped with, a conscience.

We have opened up a front they thought they had full control of and we are not responding as they expected. They are getting impatient to get WWW III underway, you can hear it in McCains barking call for war every time Putin sneezes in the direction of the Ukraine.

Pray for President Trump’s continued mastery over these dinosaur miscreants President Eisenhower warned US about. They refuse to go away peacefully.

Oroville Dam: An Agenda 21/2030 Study in the Enslavement of America.

By now, you should have heard about the unfolding disaster in California. What I’m certain of is you haven’t heard why the dams are coming down.

The setup of that traitorous ambush was years in the making. From

The people who were excluded from the Klamath River Dam removal meetings were the 40,000 Siskiyou County residents and their local, elected representatives. The four tribes that live in the Klamath Basin – the Shasta, Karuk, Yurok, and Hupa- were also excluded. The Shasta have been left out of all agreements and their sacred burial grounds will be destroyed when the dams are breached .

So now the light dawns. The removal of the dams is not about dams at all. It is about the government forcing people off their land, especially in the rural areas, and in to the arms of an all controlling government. President Obama’s recent signing of Executive Order 13575, established the White House Rural Council. The council is a list of the most aggressive agencies and departments in the US government bent on destroying private property rights and reducing us and future generations to economic serfdom, taking productive land out of the hands of private citizens.

The proponents of Sustainable Development and Smart Growth, which is the underlying policy rationale behind such actions, are using nice sounding language to destroy the very fabric of our free society which rests on private property rights. It’s time to wake up and stop this assault on our freedoms or, as Ronald Reagan said, we will be telling our children and grand children “what life was once like in America when men were free.” What a shame that “tear down this wall” now has a negative connotation

The Leftists led by Obama/Soros and the rest of those purple draped democrats and republican globalist sell out traitors are embedded everywhere. Their plan of manipulation appears to be using every opportunity to discredit the current administration by presenting outrageous suggestions more fitting for them than the great American leader President Trump. One recent example is John McCain repeating the suggestion President Trump should be seen by a psychiatrist.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Meanwhile, they are ramping up to wage a barely covert war now that their timeline to victory has been disrupted by the American people and President Trump. They do not need a shooting war at this point if they can take down major parts of our infrastructure UNimpeded.

More facts you probably have not been told:

Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement

From 2016 Klamath Power and Facilities Agreement

d. Reservations Regarding Legislative Proposals

Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to limit the authority of the executive branch of the United States Government to make recommendations to Congress on any particular proposed legislation.

I repeat,

Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to limit the authority of the executive branch of the States to make recommendations to their respective state Legislatures on any particular proposed legislation.

The Governors Brown from Oregon and California, both Democrats are fully on board. The one from California is pandering for federal money like the typical leftist grifter he is.

From the comments at

Meanwhile CA lakes have been filling up. Shasta has come up 138 feet since December and is now only 16 feet below the dam crest. Oroville is way up too

This is clearly a continuation of the Bush/Clinton globalist actions the anti-American leftist Obama was railroading through in his final months and put into hyper-drive after the shocking victory of the American people and President Trump.

Searching ‘dams and Agenda 21’ should provide you with plenty of information to keep you ahead of the fake news sure to follow.

You didn’t really think the BLM attacks on the Bundy ranch and the Malheur refuge are the only weapons the UN/globalist lackeys would use in their ongoing war on the American middle class, did you?

What Do the Following Democrats No Longer Have in Common

with each other?

Rep. Lois Frankel, a Florida Democrat
Tammy Duckworth

Jackie Speier, a California Democrat
Louisiana Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond
Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Texas Democrat
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida Democrat

Their anti-xenophobic blanket to hide under as they purposely screw the American worker? Nooo but that’s a good guess.

An excuse to blame President Trump for the Islamic Surprise the One Party elites have been arranging for US? You’re getting warmer.

How about a muslim spy ring they can invite into their offices to access their computers and copy all the good stuff? You’re right! And if you are a democrat here’s a bonus you can ponder over when Mumbai rolls over your neighborhood!

And as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries proclaimed when he weighed in on the Obama inspired but only recently enforced travel restriction, “It absolutely is a Muslim ban,”

Oh, I’m sorry. You have no idea what I’m writing about. Here it is.

Are you a registered democrat? It is you who are settling for the touted ‘average democrat values’ congressperson whose average intelligence recognizes no inherent danger in the dismantlement of our Nation’s security. Neither do they have a problem hiring those who view the U.S. as the Great Satan instead of Americans; which is rather questionable when it comes to positions with access to security sensitive documents, don’t you think?

Nor do your democrat representatives feel any shame for their treasonous acts of importing those from the refugee groups with proven records of murderous violence against those who welcomed them into their Country.

Perhaps you who vote for these ‘average democrats’ with the dysfunctional cognitive abilities have the same low level, excuse me, average intelligence burdened with dysfunctional cognitive abilities that prevent you from recognizing the documented danger of admitting thousands of UNvetted Jihadi mercenaries to your hometown.

In that case, your decision making impediment, while it wouldn’t be listed as your cause of death, will not likely impact America’s future recovery from Democracy since your whole family will, without doubt, be tossed in the same open pit as you by the invaders.

Here’s the details your favorite TV news source probably hasn’t shared with you yet.