Reality Update

Ostriches have this reputation of hiding their heads in the ground to avoid being seen by possible predators in the area. While ignoring danger is not true about ostriches the fallacy is widely accepted. Denial, however, is an attribute that can readily be applied to US.

Turkeys also have been maligned for being stupid enough to drown by looking at the falling rain. Not true either, but while tetanic torticollar spasms offer a reasonable explanation for the widely held myth it is proof people prefer partial fiction to piecemeal fact.

While Americans have been fed lies for decades, lies that enforce those negative characteristics it doesn’t mean we are incapable of recognizing the truth. President Trump in the White House is at least a measure of the truth of our discomfort.

The following Oath Keepers message is one of deep import. It is a picture of the fracturing that is the result of post WWII multi-sourced criminality that flowed like subterranean rivers beneath our targeted society. Each questionable, but rarely vigorously challenged, change brought on by the non-allied evil weakening our foundations was explained away with the help of the complicit media and political structure right up to the point we found ourselves staring at our end, teetering on the final support, a political action born of the Will of the People.

It was an angry populous responding in a civilized manner to the message of Donald Trump that recognized the people’s frustration. Rejecting the Globalists we were embracing our America, familiar to US as one Nation Under God.

We the people identified with President Trump’s rise to the challenge to fight for our country and we celebrate our victory. President Trump’s ascendancy over the Deep State’s political theater provides US with strength. We know his stalwart leadership, well proven during that first of many battles, can be relied on as we look forward to future engagements with the tyrannical left and their republican agents.

That is why the following link is so important. We have to be aware of how deep the cracks in our society go. We have to recognize how far our enemies are willing to push. We have to be able to recognize the evil that is being forced to the surface so it can be dealt with. Above all, we have to understand it will be a no quarter fight to the finish.

Never stop praying; always prepare.

In My Entire Life

since I’ve been paying attention, at least, we have never had a president as intent on helping, preserving, protecting, guiding, developing, reviving US and doing more in such a short stretch of time than President Donald J. Trump. May God bless and keep him and his family safe from our enemies and strong enough to double down on the leftist freaks, the muslim demented, the fallen church, the criminal politicians, the corrupt leeches in bureaucracy and the slothful coprophilous media… which reminds me.

All you stinking non-functioning leftist parrots incapable of an original thought here’s a news flash. That dog whistle you responded to by wasting the day at your local airport supporting the plague of locusts heading here after they have their way with Europa and all her simpering children, guess who declared them personnum non gratum? You useless eaters, you chumps, you stupid fools. Read it and get confused you arrogant P’sOS.


Old School Lessons

There are two kinds of estrogen; good estrogen and bad estrogen. Good estrogen is a beautiful thing. It helps the world go ’round. It makes people smile, helps cure the sick, raises happy children, keeps husbands content and women productive and optimistic.

What was inflicted on the world 1/21 was bad estrogen. You don’t have to be a man to know it is best to stay away from bad estrogen. Bad estrogen causes catastrophes. calaislove2

Bad estrogen events can occur anytime. However, when the bad estrogen carrier is forced to recognize an event accepted by the majority of Americans as an answer to a National prayer and a blessing from God instead of the expected crap sandwich served up by one of their own, it can get ugly.


Bad estrogen also delivers hateful rhetoric at collectively imagined targets floating around inside their heads. It makes chumps out of the bright, leaders out of the craven. Here’s an example from the National Review…

Why it is “Islamophobic” to condemn violence and abuse against Muslim women is not entirely clear to me. It is, however, clear to Linda Sarsour, a “community organizer” and “immigrants’ rights activist” who is celebrated on President Obama’s website,, as a “Champion of Change.” As reported on The Kelly File, this particular “champion” reacted to Honor Diaries by tweeting

 How many times do we have to tell White women that we do not need to be saved by them? Is there code language I need to use to get thru?

Sarsour, in case you somehow missed the story was one of the organizers of 1/21: the bad estrogen event. Don’t take my word for it do your own research.

The old school reference? It comes from my fourth grade teacher who took five minutes out of her day to make sure we understood the saying, “Empty barrels make the most noise”. I woke up this morning repeating that proverb.