Beijing… We Have Concerns.

First, a short display of real power.

On to the concerns of Obama’s staff.

On the other hand…

Moscow… We Have Ways.

Obama finds a phony outlet for his anger after realizing his brand of Bravo Sierra wouldn’t stick to anybody’s wall for very long. Unproven hacks on an acknowledged crooked game.

As point man for the islamofascist invasion of the battered Christian Fortress America, Barack Hussein Obama’s tour of duty is finally winding down.

It appears he is more than a little frustrated the Republic has survived him.

I wonder if he ever heard the term Mock King?

Back to the Border

Fed up with the threats to disrupt our political process, Bunky?

Are you tired of the depravity and corruption you only recognize because you read about it first in the Bible and now when you wake up in the morning you’re not sure what century it is? Is that what’s bothering you, Bunky?

When you read about a murder or a rape in your hometown and the known perp is not identified or named or even described for three days after the crime but you already pictured him in your mind and 93.3% of the time your conclusions prove correct and you’re called a racist for being right and demonstrators show up in front of your house and make it difficult for you to get to work and your wife has been unable to go shopping alone for five and a half months now and it’s cutting into your tv time, is that what’s disturbing you, Bunky?

Well, I ain’t the old Philosopher but I am here to tell you don’t go getting all relaxed now.

Just because you believe Trump’s gonna build US a wall when he takes over it hasn’t stopped the angry O from partnering up with the church to set themselves up a taxi service in Tijuana

Part Two

Nononono, there’s no muslims with us at least not enough that should count