Bucksafa11 warns all Americans they should be skeptical about any and all information and announcements coming from the White House.

Any announcements should be taken not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole package of salt. Despite what the name might suggest, the White House has not often revealed the truth and as the attacks on the American people are no longer being recognized as only being committed by unbalanced leftists and homegrown jihadists but are also being linked to democrat party event organizers and tactical planners who have access to the White House, bucksafa11 encourages all of it’s readers to be very, very wary.

You Hearing Sirens?

Bad day for Obama, I’d say. I don’t think his timing was ever that good but lately he’s talking like his past is catching up with him.

Today he told Trump to stop whining; election fraud doesn’t exist, and that was the day after O’Keefe let loose the crachen!

From http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-donald-trump-rigged-election-2016-10:

…Calling Trump’s claims “unprecedented” and “based on no facts,” Obama emphasized that there was no evidence of widespread election and voter fraud. He said “no serious person” could rig an election in the US if they tried… Oi vey!

Now, Obama says lying about anything Benghazi is so not true.

Hey, the proof’s in the puddin’. When you’re a democrat you live in a different reality

The Change Born of Gray

The Oxford Dictionary defines gray area as “An ill-defined situation or field not readily conforming to a category or to an existing set of rules.”

Liars function best in such an environment.

Case in point is the cowboys and girls law breaking administrators working in the State of Michigan and the City of Battle Creek, Michigan protecting the federal government’s plan to destroy our American culture as explained in the Welcoming Cities report

But, hey, don’t think Michigan is the lone State level criminal organization. Western Free Press reported Judicial Watch uncovered a Vermont plot of lies and deception requested by Amila Merdzanovic, executive director of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, to Mayor Christopher Louras, in which she wrote:

I want to share with you the concern my HQ has about holding a public forum. If we open it up to anybody and everybody, all sorts of people will come out of woodwork. Anti-immigrant, anti-anything. They suggest that the forum be invite only but make it as wide as possible. Work with faith leaders, United Way, etc… Perhaps, we could go back to the Congregational Church and continue the conversation there.

I’m pretty sure every town or city in every State accepting cash money from UnSuspecting and UNinformed taxpayers via the executive branch for the muslim resettlement of America has received such advice.

If you aren’t familiar where the basis of these suggestions and accusations of which I am writing originates, just go and read all about it at www.whitehouse.gov

If you really want to learn what’s going on check out the transcript of the conference call hosted by Cecilia Munoz almost two years ago.

The gray area mentioned at the beginning of this account is the coalition modeled by the resettlement NGO’s ‘taking the lead’ from the participating local governments whose response to citizens questions is intended to convince US they have nothing to do with resettlement and refer all UNconnected citizen inquiries to the NGO’s public relations person.

In military circles, it is referred to as Grey Area Phenomena

You still not ready to call it an invasion?

Hillary ‘Hocus-Pocus’ Clinton

This 49 second video just came to my attention. Reminded me of that demonic duo of John Dee and Francis Bacon.

It did not escape observation that Bill Clinton’s announcement about Hillary having conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt might not be considered acceptable in the court of public opinion so I included background from The Gawker article dated 05/10/16 which, in turn, lead me to this profile of Hillary’s one time mentor, Jean Houston.

The meaningful part of Hocus-Pocus follows immediately.

…The mystery religions have been pushing Democracy as the favored brand of government for a few thousand years but you don’t have to dig back that far to tap into the occult elite’s game plan for the United States. Four hundred years to Elizabethan England is deep enough.

It is there we find Francis Bacon, an acknowledged genius of his time, whose vision included the restoration of mankind to its pre-fall from grace state through the advancement of science and the English colonization of the New World; a world meant to be the seed bed for a New Atlantis he planned as the future seat of a global democracy ruled by Britain.

In the award winning volume one video of “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings”, Peter Dawkins, founder and president of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, states Bacon based his work on the Bible but the approach he used in his search for knowledge was through Kabbalah. If you spend any time researching the movers and shakers of Bacon’s New World you will discover that detail was quite common; while they gave the impression they were Christian, in actuality their belief was Deistic; since Deism denies the divinity of Jesus Christ one has to wonder just which of Nature’s Gods they were committed to.

Another 17th Century genius, John Dee preceded and is said to have mentored Francis Bacon in matters of science and metaphysics.

The mathematician Dee and philosopher/writer/scientist Bacon are generally accepted as the founders of the Rosicrucian’s and modern Freemasonry, respectively, in England. Some dispute the accuracy of that assessment but it matters little. The fact remains both made use of the metaphysical in their quest for answers and for the spirits they chose to question, obliqueness is a big part of their game. That obliquity would spill over into the elite’s plans as they conspired to draft the scheme for world government following their nether world advisor’s directions.

A thinking person might ask, if global democracy is such a good thing why hasn’t it been addressed openly since Bacon’s time instead of only between initiates? Did they really fear the wrath of the Kings in the 17th Century? What prevented them from disclosing their plan as our Nation unfolded?…

You sure you want to follow the path Hillary travels? Keep in mind, your free will may end your free will. That’s the kind of outcome that would make the Devil himself guffaw.