Turning US Feral One Chicago At A Time

The business of changing a vibrant, productive city into a feral cesspool can be a long process, even under democrat party rule. But when third world deviants are calling the shots the neighborhoods can transform into garrison communities very quickly.

The following is excerpted from the previously published Prudence and Perfidy.

…To make matters worse both political parties were using and supporting gangs to achieve their ends. It was only a matter of time before what became known as “garrison communities” emerged.

Garrison communities are the foundation of a feral city or nation. Again, feral community is the term used to describe the informal system of security and order that emerges in marginalized urban settlements. Some refer to them in the U.S. as no go zones…

…As Kilcullen points out, people can and do adapt to a lack of infrastructure. They even adapt to organized crime networks like the Shower Posse or terrorist groups like al Qaeda. The inhabitants of the Third World have proven they can live in the meanest of circumstances as long as the group they live under is predictable and consistent.

A group that establishes a system of normalcy with rules and sanctions that define safety, offsets uncertainty and lack of predictability might not be embraced but they will be accepted.

Thus even a feral city under stress can be productive for the globalists as long as it has a predictability inherent in the rules set by the group in power.

It doesn’t matter if the rules are liked or those in charge are admired. If they provide predictability, people feel safe from whatever the conflict was that created the deep uncertainty in their lives.

That bias seems to be well understood today by the globalists. It also supports the observation that the world wide influx of Third World refugees flooding Western Civilization today were unleashed by the globalists as an easily controlled replacement for those of us imbued with at least a partial understanding of what freedom and liberty means.

When political pirates take control of a government and use the government’s power to remove all sense of order and predictability citizens lose confidence in government. As I see it, that’s being done in the U.S. to purposely change the normal expectations of a self-reliant, independent free people into a needy, dependent people dependent on government as a dispenser of survivor cheese reserves.

Remember, replacements are already here who are happy to scurry around a cheese dispensing truck…

The above information is intended to be a primer that provides a broader insight into understanding that the following article is not about out of control rectitude. It is about rectitude as a weapon of change.


Now This Is Important

You all know about the 28 pages of the 911 Report the government prevented the American public from reading, right? How it contained sensitive information we just couldn’t handle?

Well, http://intelligence.house.gov/sites/intelligence.house.gov/files/documents/declasspart4.pdf is supposed to be that which was hidden for so long.

It still has redactments throughout but information found, such as on page 428, should raise an eyebrow or two especially amongst those who laugh off the threat of danger from the government sponsored imports.

But hey, you can lead a horse to water…

Recognizing the War

Politicians have been busy sending out a lot of money seeking emails recently. You’ve probably received a few yourself.

Headlined, “It’s War” or “This Is War” they go on to tell US that the Democrats or the Republicans plan to outspend them into oblivion and at the same time try to lull US into a brainless acceptance of another degree of separation from what war really is. Yeah, I am that critically suspicious of our domestic enemies.

The concerns this website focuses on are found in the first two pages published on bucksafa11. The first, Hocus-Pocus, was meant to point out the manipulative forces used against US every day as our enemies wage a real war against our freedom on many fronts, including the spiritual realm.

The second, Prudence and Perfidy is intended to explore the subtle strategies of modern manipulation before the violence is unleashed. It also is meant to encourage citizens to organize local defense groups for their protection against the increasing threat of an attacking force.

The following link is a graphic depiction of the result of unleashed violence that we cannot rely on the government to protect US from. Bastille Day 2016. Nice, France.. You had better start embracing that belief and get your neighbors interested in organizing to protect your local community.

Then send the video to the politicians and tell them this is what war really looks like and all their spineless commie inspired ‘diversity is strength’ bullshit legislation is what makes attacks on Western Civilization possible.