More Outraged Rino Sputterings From Toomey

From his earliest daze in the Senate, Pat Toomey spoke of his aisle crossing democrat appeasing bipartisan program so proudly that when I saw I had messages from him in my email box a picture of a bent over Toomey approaching Casey by shuffling backwards with his trou down around his ankles would form automatically.

Can’t tell you how many meals that ruined.

Now, that it’s campaign season he’s ready to go all partisan on their ass again. Symbolically speaking, of course.

Not that I want anyone to vote for the leftist democrat progressive enviro-pirate gun grabbing putting our children at risk of getting lost in a sexual fog party candidate but Toomey ain’t much better. Except when he’s asking for money. Here, read it yourself…

John – $8.2 million. No, that isn’t how much the Democrats are pouring into Pennsylvania to create jobs in the Keystone state. Quite, frankly it’s the exact opposite.

That’s the latest money haul Senate Democrats have committed to spending to defeat me in November in order elect their anti-coal, rubber stamp, Democratic candidate, Katie McGinty.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) just bought $12 million in ads for Senate battleground states. More than half of that – $8.2 million out of $12 million – is directed to defeat me.

John, Senate Democrats know how close this race will be so they’re putting all their chips on the table.

In fact, a recent Quinnipiac University poll shows me leading by ONE pecent, reinforcing what we’ve always known to be true: this will be a close race.

Democrats view Pennsylvania as the state they MUST WIN to take back control of the Senate, and they are going to spend every dollar necessary, and make every attack possible, to do just that.

John, I need your support today to fight back and WIN.

Your instant online donation of $25, $50, $100 or more will ensure my campaign has the resources needed to fight back against the Democratic money machine and win in November.

My challenger in this race for the U.S. Senate is career liberal bureaucrat Katie McGinty, who will be a rubber stamp for the Obama-Clinton agenda.

Senate Democrats anointed McGinty a year ago and bought her primary victory with an unprecendented nearly $5 million in spending so that she could take me on. Even Barack Obama and Joe Biden endorsed Katie McGinty before the Democratic primary was over!

A Clinton environmental red tape appointee, McGinty has it out for Pennsylvania’s coal industry – which creates jobs and prosperity. Simply put, if she’s elected, Pennsylvania can kiss its energy jobs good bye. I need your urgent help now if I’m to defeat her in November.

The DSCC has already poured millions into Pennsylvania to help her defeat me, and Washington liberal groups like Harry Reid’s Super PAC, the Environmental Defense Fund, and EMILY’s List are spending millions more.

John, Katie McGinty and the Democrats will stop at nothing to retake the Senate – but as long as I have the rock-solid support of conservatives like you, who understand the enormous threat an Obama Democrat victory poses to Pennsylvania’s economy, jobs, and personal freedoms – I know we can succeed.

Will you please step forward immediately to help me fight back against the liberal money machine? Your urgent contribution of $25, $50, $75, or even $100 or more will help ensure my campaign has the resources we need to beat back the massive effort against me and emerge victorious on Election Day.

Thank you for all you do – please let me hear from you now…

Keep in mind the do nothing party outnumbers the leftist party and are still unable to defend our borders. Nor do they appear capable to prevent the gangster administration from supporting the transformation of the USA into third world rubble.

There is a way to regain control of our future but it requires an involvement no one has the time for.

Toomey On The Stump

He’s even starting to look like Specter.

Like he really cares about sanctuary cities or returning to office. End Dangerous Sanctuary City Policies.

Compare the press release from his website with this message that arrived via email this morning…

This week, I asked the Senate to adopt my proposal to protect the American people and communities from dangerous criminals. My amendment would withhold certain federal funds from
“sanctuary cities” – jurisdictions that forbid their local law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration officials, even when they want to do so.
Unfortunately, the Democrats blocked my effort to get a vote on this commonsense measure.

Leaders from across the political spectrum agree that sanctuary cities pose a serious threat. Just a few weeks ago, President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, traveled to Philadelphia to ask Mayor Jim Kenney to add a small exception to the city’s sanctuary city policy, so police may help the Obama administration find violent felons and suspected terrorists. Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pennsylvania and lifelong Democrat, also criticized Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy, yet Mayor Kenny has refused to make any changes…

It’s a shame all Toomey’s heroes are loser leftist democrats he loves to cross the aisle for. He’s proven he doesn’t have an American bone in his body; just a compromising spine that bends over backwards to accommodate the democrat’s war on the American people and our culture.

Boohoo the democrats blocked his effort. All his bending over every chance he gets and the democrats still found another way to show him what they think of rinos in general and him in particular. Why, he almost sounds disappointed and hurt.

He’s just another Pennsylvania elitist who punched the republican ticket on his way to fame and upscale welfare fortune.

If he was honest his campaign slogan would be ‘America… the Afterthought’!

Defensive Operations in Urban Areas


…Hundreds of hours poring through information on the internet will not replicate actual training. The information I will push out will be from current and historical examples but not everything will translate to your situation. I will mainly be speaking to an audience interested in neighborhood or town defense. Smaller footprints like a farm or duplex will have its own challenges that stem mainly from the lack of available manpower.

Anything larger than population centers above 10,000 will have unique challenges that are bigger picture, but the fundamentals of defense remain. It is incumbent upon you to take the information, throw out what you do not need, adapt it to what you know, and then test it out. Testing as much as practical before you will need it is the resounding advantage that you have over everyone else. I wish you nothing but success in your journey to building a better citizen…

Remember When the Killer Bees Escaped

from the “science lab” and out a window into South America? Remember how we were told not to worry, the African bees would never get past the local jungle?

Then the bee’s story was told. Being located in the North African desert, making honey was not easily accomplished. Finding their hives plundered on a constant basis made them develop an attitude. Of course science had to psychoanalyze them so they brought them to the Western Hemisphere.

What could possibly go wrong? The scientist’s organization never was identified, was it? Neither was the source of those reassuring press releases that told US the killer bee’s will never get north of Central America. The killer bee’s will never cross the Gulf of Mexico. The killer bee’s will be domesticated when they breed with the European bee’s. The killer… wait a minute… I’ve heard that before somewhere… domesticated in Europe… Hey, that’s what the muslims were supposed to do!

It’s a multi-level conspiracy against the Western hemisphere! The killer bees are engineered using the muslim model! But they’re doing Beehad! They weeeel sting you!