Parsing Unedited or If You look Close Enough at Wrong You’ll Be Reminded of a Clinton Trait

Here’s an edited version of the unedited video of the no time to waste chase which, un-like the LAPD’s slo-mo OJ chase when he was being pursued as uh, umm, a person of interest in the murder of a white woman, had all the intensity of Larry the Cable Guy driving in the Daytona 500.

I mean, from the moment the brake lights went on after the white truck driver rounded the curve and took action to avoid contact with the government vehicles used to block the passage of those accused of preventing federal employees from working, only 21 seconds passed until LaVon Finicum was dropped by the shooter who filled him with lead from behind.

A couple of things I’m puzzling over. Now, I’m not using any high speed video equipment but that figure that allegedly was trying to avoid getting hit by the white truck by running towards it just seems to appear out of nowhere at the 5:49 mark of the edited version of the un-edited chase video and 9:15 of the video said to be un-edited.

Maybe that video was un-edited but that camera sure picked some bad times to interrupt the continuity of the film. Two seconds after the figure from nowhere appears, the camera’s focus drops to the approaching pursuit vehicle. The viewer has lost the track of movement of the figure from nowhere.

Fishiness continues as one of the possible government shooters advances to a position that puts him approximately fifteen feet behind the white truck. The government forces were reported to be aware those preventers of federal workers from doing work who were still inside the white truck were armed and based on reports in the press would not hesitate to shoot police and federal officials. So what power, or knowledge, caused that person to throw caution to the wind and expose himself to the believed danger inside the white truck?

Ever since Columbine, SWAT type reaction forces always displayed a disciplined response to an armed threat. As I noted in these LEO’s enforcing federal interfering with our employees laws acted more like the railroad paid bounty hunters in the Wild Bunch movie.

FBI Special Agent in charge Greg Bretzing announced afterwards that firearms were found in the white truck but could not say if those inside the white truck used them. There is still no official word about that as of 2/02/2016 but it’s safe to say if any proof that weapons fire was directed at the government forces from inside the white truck we would have heard about it by now.

Another failed attempt to demonize the modern well regulated militia not reported by the government regulated press.