While We Sleep

the politicians do their treasonous best.

Senator Sessions reviews the passed in the night Omnibus bill

Another layer of tax slavery has been forged and slipped over our shoulders. It’s getting so the chains are taking on the appearance of a layer of mail; an armor the weak of mind and proud of it democrat seekers of anything that will numb even further that which God provided them with to help make the choices necessary for humanity’s survival celebrate; an armor they will soon be polishing up and proudly displaying proof of next to their Obama and Hillary bumper stickers.

New and improved political shackles have been clamped surely to our ankles and our productive grease producing elbows have been bound together behind our backs; for the Chamber of Kommisars have increased the numbers of third world human imports approved as necessary to take whatever American jobs are left and their low wages will be supplemented by your taxes. At least until you can no longer afford to pay them.

Any remaining traces of our American culture are expected to disappear UNnoticed.

This has been another WakeTF Up, America moment.