Islamists Vetting the Government Approved Invaders

Try swallowing this solid lump of Obullchit while making believe it’s ice cream…


…The Obama administration insists that it will catch any terrorist infiltrators through its interviewing process.

But, the State Department report said, “In some countries, such as Syria, Yemen and Eritrea, Department of Homeland Security adjudicators have been unable to travel to interview applicants for several years.”

That’s not all. The UNHCR is working “hand in hand” with an international Islamist group of 57 Muslim nations — the Organization of Islamic Cooperation — whose founding charter seeks to propagate “legitimate jihad” and “the norms of Islamic Shari’ah.” Saudi-based OIC, in fact, is tied to the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

“We are delighted to work … with the OIC,” said U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres.

So it’s really the U.N. and radical Islamists who are choosing your new Muslim neighbors…

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One of the risks for the elitists as they kick the transformation of our Nation into a higher gear is being caught. The curtain of deceit they work behind as they set the stage for our downfall has to be changed occasionally to keep up with their evolving narrative.

As the transition is taking place people sometimes get an eyeful. During the early days of change fooling most of the people most of the time wasn’t too difficult. Not many people grasped just how evil Evil really was. Those who did were easily dealt with in various ways: Shunning, gossip, Scarlet Letters and so on.

People being people, though, resulted in more folks starting to look for the curtain changes; they began to notice discrepancies in how the government was being manipulated and how the power entrusted by We the People to those elected to administer to the People was being shifted. Decades of debate led to copious amounts of blood being shed in an argument We, the People lost due to the fact most citizens headed for the candy counter when the curtain came down. Another stage of Transformation was achieved.

If you have any suspicion that our history, U.S. history, did not exactly flow naturally or as we were once taught it was meant to, light yourself up an imaginary cigar; you’ve earned a front row seat to the resumation of the resupination (example pictured here) of the real Greatest Show on Earth as the elites attempt to return to the days when they were able to fool all of the people all of the time.

Keep your attention on the stage as the old curtain is removed and the new curtain is put in place at record speed. You don’t want to be not paying attention.

Are you sure you’re ready?

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