The Small Minds of Petty Tyrants

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Gatestone Institute reports the Department of State Bars Christians From Testifying About Persecution

Much like when the anti-abortion Life Dynamics organization was blocked by the one party syndicate from testifying at a Congressional hearing on the sale of baby body parts back in the year 2000, the State Department has no qualms about flexing their anti-American muscle and denying visas to Christians who publicize the Islamic terrorist attacks that target Christians in Muslim held territory.


… Sister Diana, an influential Iraqi Christian leader, who was scheduled to visit the U.S. to advocate for persecuted Christians in the Mideast, was denied a visa by the U.S. State Department even though she had visited the U.S. before, most recently in 2012.

She was to be one of a delegation of religious leaders from Iraq — including Sunni, Shia and Yazidi, among others — to visit Washington, D.C., to describe the situation of their people. Every religious leader from this delegation to Washington D.C. was granted a visa — except for the only Christian representative, Sister Diana.

After this refusal became public, many Americans protested, some writing to their congressmen. Discussing the nun’s visa denial, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said:

This is an administration which never seems to find a good enough excuse to help Christians, but always finds an excuse to apologize for terrorists … I hope that as it gets attention that Secretary Kerry will reverse it. If he doesn’t, Congress has to investigate, and the person who made this decision ought to be fired.

The State Department eventually granted Sister Diana a visa.

This is not the first time the U.S. State Department has not granted a visa to a Christian leader coming from a Muslim region. Last year, after the United States Institute for Peace brought together the governors of Nigeria’s mostly Muslim northern states for a conference in the U.S., the State Department blocked the visa of the region’s only Christian governor, Jonah David Jang.

According to a Nigerian human rights lawyer based in Washington D.C., Emmanuel Ogebe, the Christian governor’s “visa problems” were due to anti-Christian bias in the U.S. government…

if you are part of the vast majority of Americans who are in the process of clearing the elites lies from your mind remember this message:

We have marched by night, to cut and behead

Another Sunday morning that millions of Americans will not awaken to the shocking news that our Nation, specifically it’s dis-Armed Forces, has been targeted once again in a cowardly, deadly sneak attack by our foreign enemies enabled by the protection of our domestic enemies.

The protection of these foreign enemies requires leagues and leagues of deception. Deception so deep one cannot trust his neighbor, for he might have connections to agents of a foreign land or more threateningly, connections to a PC enforcement network.

Deception reaching so high it will soon be unable to sustain the weight of the usurpers own delusion as the decay of the spoilage of our Republic they are responsible for gives way.


…We have come, we have come; we have set off with determination…..In earnest we have proceeded, to the peak of the peaks.
We dive into deaths, we close the ranks…..We die standing, as lions of courage.

Shoebats input does not stop there. On July 17, Shoebat posted

…The shooter’s real name is Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hajjaj born September 5th, 1990 and gained a temporary Jordanian passport. His father had changed his last name to Abdulazeez for unknown reasons in which his son then carried that last name as well. It is common for many Palestinians who are doing nefarious activities to change names.

While the media speculated his background and motive, his features, family Facebook, and connections were easy for us to establish that what we have here is a Palestinian pro-Hamas terrorist who went to Jordan and most likely got involved with ISIS affiliates. Jordan epecially is infested with a huge number of ISIS supporters as has reported previously…

Jihadist have made the Islamic song (nasheed), Qariban Qariba, very popular. Qariban Qariba means soon, soon and translates to:

Soon, soon, you will see the wondrous sight….A fierce conflict and you will see.
In the heart of your abode, there shall be the battles…..for your destruction, my sword has been sharpened.

We have marched by night, to cut and behead…..By the knife of revenge, targeting those who deserve it.
With the specters of the night and the youth of terror…..and an explosion of woe, that he may be defeated.2You have begun to fight me, with the lost coalition…..So taste my fury, when it fires up.
For long shall you remain, in my war shall you lose…..With what shall you meet, a youth chanting the takbeer?

When the steed roams, raises its head, and leaps forth…..Thus it becomes a lighted blaze.
The bullets have blazed, and the revenge has come…..So where is the escape, O the most evil of the creatures?

Unto you we will come, with beheading and death…..With fright and silence, we will tear the bonds.
You have failed publicly, so taste the loss….and go back fleeing, a nightlong run.

When disbelief gets agitated, froths, and stirs up…..We fill the roads, with red blood;
By the stabbing of the bayonets, by the striking of the necks…..on the assembly of the dogs, when they marshal.

We have come, we have come; we have set off with determination…..In earnest we have proceeded, to the peak of the peaks.
We dive into deaths, we close the ranks…..We die standing, as lions of courage.

And the usurpers still tell US to move along; there is nothing to see here.

Members of Parliament Shocked

Shocked I tell ya!

from Radical British Islamist hid in plain site. (And I’ll bet you can’t guess where.)

…Within the inspectorate, Andalusi was promoted to a management position described as “at the heart of the security establishment.” People in similar positions have “access to highly sensitive and classified police and intelligence information to carry out their inspections,” Gilligan reported.

Andalusi has said Muslims “would be jubilant at the return of the caliphate [Islamic state], which is a vital obligation upon Muslims that has been conspicuously missing for so long.”

Members of Parliament are demanding an investigation into how Andalusi’s dual lives were missed by government officials. “This man’s unsuitability for sensitive work should have been obvious from the start,” said Labour MP Khalid Mahmood.

Meanwhile, back in D.C., members of Congress remain unconcerned about the access to Homeland Security the Muslim Brotherhood enjoys…

Thieves Emporium


With this introduction, prepared by the author for our readers, The Daily Bell is pleased to present the first installment of Thieves Emporium, by Max Hernandez. …

We are, for the first time in the history of the human race, experiencing something new in the body politic. Until recently, coercive political organizations were limited in their ability to control their fellow human beings. They simply didn’t have the information, or the communications, or the reach to force everyone at every level of their society to bow to their will. With the exception of the printing press, the tools governments had during the American Revolution to control their populations were no different from those available to the Kings of Sumer or ancient Egypt.

Then, about 200 years ago, that started to change. Beginning with the telegraph and the railroad, science gave them new ways to enforce conformity. Now, with evolutions in the control of money, surveillance, communications and data management, their ability to construct the ultimate totalitarian state seems unstoppable…

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Doubling Down on Donald

The criminal elite do not like to deviate from proven formulae so it is no surprise they wasted no time rolling out their heavy artillery to attack Donald Trump for telling it like it is.

As Trump’s tweets resonate with America and his efforts to gain a foothold on the political beach head of 2016 get more traction the elite are forced to dig deeper into their bag of corrupt straphangers to reinforce the failing Left’s efforts to sell their matrix of deception as reality.

The problem with that is they are already down to the Anti-Defamation League.

Keep the Faith, my friends. When the elite’s frustration reaches the point they increase their level of violence against US you’ll know their fear is taking over and opportunity will come a knocking once more for Common Sense to prevail.

Believe this… however powerful the manipulation is perceived, it is illusory. It can and will crumble when Americans have a better understanding of the fabrications that control us.

Thanks Clinton and NATO for nurturing Jihad

Bosnia: The Cradle of Modern Jihadism?

That story brought the unseen camel to mind so I’m just connecting dots here.

The Muslim Brotherhood might be soft pedaling Halal to American business but this fact …It was in 2010 that the mufti of Bosnia “”…” Mustafa Ceric urged Muslims to “conquer the world through Halal movement” and this explains why there is a rise in halal foods in non-Islamic countries where leaders are oblivious to the larger plan… coupled with the BBC story makes their evil intent much clearer.

Happy Independence Day and make sure you’re not eating Halal.