Two High Priced Tools


Exclusive: Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan have a great mom-and-pop business going. From the State Department, she generates wars and – from op-ed pages – he demands Congress buy more weapons.

There’s a pay-off, too, as grateful military contractors kick in money to think tanks where other Kagans work, writes Robert Parry.

…Yet, if it weren’t for Nuland’s efforts as Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, the Ukraine crisis might not exist. A neocon holdover who advised Vice President Dick Cheney, Nuland gained promotions under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and received backing, too, from current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Confirmed to her present job in September 2013, Nuland soon undertook an extraordinary effort to promote “regime change” in Ukraine. She personally urged on business leaders and political activists to challenge elected President Viktor Yanukovych. She reminded corporate executives that the United States had invested $5 billion in their “European aspirations,” and she literally passed out cookies to anti-government protesters in Kiev’s Maidan square…

Two aspiring elites funding their wealth by feeding the dogs of war our youth and money.

From the Ukraine to the UN, there’s something about Nuland that indicates it’s not the Peoples business she’s protecting.

It Must Be the White House submission to MB/CAIR

that makes CAIR unable to believe that most American’s give a damn is busted when it comes to their hissy fits.

Seriously, CAIR, go away and take your infantile demands with you.

In case you have not heard, CAIR is demanding that Ted Cruz abandon his plans to speak at the New England Freedom Conference on March 27 and 28 because Robert Spencer will also be speaking.

Please read about it there -> and take advantage of the opportunity to communicate your thoughts on the matter to Senator Cruz.

Look at what CAIR included at the bottom of their message to Cruz…

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

With all the examples of CAIR’s duplicity available to the public (like right here) Joseph Goebbels’ observation, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” came to mind and I wondered if the Nazis taught that to the muslims or vice versa.

I’m thinking that it has Islamic roots but the following line, “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State” sounds rooted firmly in Germanic Fascism.

Outing them is important. Hit the link and leave a message for Cruz.

Muslims Furious As Dallas Suburb Shuts Down Sharia Court


…In a close 5-4 vote, the city of Irving ruled to back the Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. It basically would slam the door in their faces, preventing them from spreading Sharia throughout the country. Now they are accusing the city council of unfairly being targeted.

All four of the “voluntary” court’s lawyers were unlicensed in the state of Texas, a third degree felony. Mayor Beth Van Duyne received several phone calls on the matter. It seems that the Islamic Tribunal not only was unlicensed, but they failed to notify the city of their illegal court being operated in city limits. She promised to get to the bottom of it, and she did.

By their own website’s admission, if U.S. law conflicts with Sharia law, “we follow Sharia law.” It also openly admitted separate rules for men and women in their proceedings, discriminating and humiliating women which is against the U.S. Constitution. The Islamic Tribunal also openly declared that they hope will “set a precedence that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country.”

The more the mayor looked into it, the more it was apparent that they were attempting to establish a foothold using her city. She made a public Facebook post stating that she would back the new Texas law. She states that it was apparent that Zia Sheikh, imam at the Islamic Center of Irving, and the other Imams were “bypassing American courts” to make rulings under Sharia. Sheikh demanded an apology and wanted her Facebook post removed, which stated she would “fight with every fiber of my being” if the group was violating basic rights…

…The meeting was filled by Muslims from the Council for American-Islamic Relations, a known terrorist organization. They even tried to paint the vote as Islamaphobia and bigotry.

“This continues efforts by elected officials who seek to score points with their voting base by demonizing Muslims,” Alia Salem, who directs the North Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the City Council before Thursday’s vote. She said it had a choice between “diversity” and “hatred, fear and bigotry.” (Dallas Morning News)

The state bill doesn’t even mention Muslims or Islam. It states no specific foreign law…


Try Walking Like An Egyptian

And no disrespect is meant to the Egyptian people. What they did in order to oust the Muslim Brotherhood from their government will stand forever as a badge of courage. Egyptians are an honorable people who recognized how quickly malevolent a government taken over by evil can and will become and they had the fortitude to put their lives on the line in opposition to that evil.

The Muslim Brotherhood survives, no doubt, once again underground in Egypt where it originated; outside of Egypt it thrives in our White House. There is no question of that. The question is why do we as an alleged free people allow our government such a cozy relationship with an organization that stated in written instructions how they plan similar chaos in our Nation?

The Muslim Brotherhood continues their plan to overthrow Egypt but there is a growing belief, or maybe hope, that their calls for Jihad against Egypt are more a death rattle in their fading voice. Regardless of their possible current dilapidation, you should visit this site, to read for yourself the duplicity of their Jihad call and also to have access to a source that recognizes the difference between slavery and freedom and how a working mind is critical to the pursuit of Liberty. If someday the veil of ignorance is lifted from our eyes we could be required to try walking like Egyptians. It’s good to know how it works.

Cairo Court Sentences MB Supreme Guide To Death


A Cairo criminal court sentenced Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide, and 13 other leading members of the group to death on Monday for inciting murder in the now infamous case known in the media as “Rabaa control room.”


A Message To All Bipartisan Liberals

Once upon a time, there would have been a great deal of satisfaction in delivering this message to you all but once upon a time there was little chance you would have understood it let alone believed it. Way too much self-righteous certainty going on in that smoky region between your ears for you to consider this what you are about to read to be any different than one of those bad dreams you sometimes have but goes away when you wake up.

Well, this time is different. If you wake up too late your nightmare won’t go away.

Before we start let me say, in an honest and true fashion, that I don’t have much sympathy to share with you for the turmoil you are soon going to experience; nor do I expect to find much compassion for the accompanying anguish you will be suffering after the light comes on and forces you to recognize and accept that you been had.

I do have enough sympathy and compassion, though, that I won’t dwell on the sudden disappearance of your vast wealth of social wisdom or the evaporation of your superior positioning on moral high ground when the big O Chit moment arrives. Which should happen any day now; once, that is, you all start realizing that Obama’s Operation Bitch Slap targeting Hillary is a well-planned beginning of the approaching end for the useful idiots known as liberals.

Just as Hillary has recently learned, the hard Left neither respects nor loves you. They turned this Country Left by sensationalizing issues and focusing on parts of every story they could distort into an emotional slur. Then they send their operatives out to work the street, order the media to polish the slant and the easily manipulated public responds like a stunted flower child.

It appears now the Left is acting as if their power is entrenched. Once they firmly believe that they’ll be shedding you like a cheap faux fur. That Hillary is going down like a Buddhist monument in a land claimed by the Islamist State is a message event and you had better understand it.

You served your purpose. You’re no longer necessary. Very soon they will not waste their time managing through manipulation and you will learn how easy it is to slide past the just out of reach socialist dream and into a Totalitarian nightmare you’ll say you never saw coming; a hollow protestation whose only purpose is for the likes of you to have an indisputable barrier of self-vindication that will bond all of you together as you readjust to the added weight when the final link in tyranny’s chain is laid on your shoulders.

Face it. You chose not to see it coming. You embraced the lies they’ve been crafting your belief system with all your life. The only chance you had involved work you didn’t want to do. You chose Easy Street instead and in doing so surrendered your freedom to the evil that does not stop working at the end of the day, does not take a vacation and looks at all rejection as a temporary setback.

In the end, it is you who have forged your chains and it is you who will have driven the final nail into the Republic. Remember that if you’re still around when the relocation programs start and you are ordered to share your homes with one or two declared by the government to be officially less fortunate.

Also remember you read it here. I’d like to think I provided some spark to get you through the trying times approaching. Or that spark ignited something within and you grow up and deal with reality for a change.

Reality Bites

from the religion of peace.

Rasmieh Odeh Sentenced to 18 Months In Prison, Then Deportation to Jordan

Rasmieh Odeh, the Palestinian woman who lied on her application for naturalization was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, loss of citizenship and deportation.

Two of her supporters tweeted messages that, if sent by a member of a certain class of Americans, would warrant a visit by the guardians of the homeland with the politically corrected vision.

Read the story and what was tweeted at”>

Did Huma Play Hillary?

That ragtag bunch of conservative misfits at the Conservative Treehouse posted an interesting point drawn from a number of sources that claimed Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills were behind the idea of using the Clinton server for Hillary’s email exploitation of the American citizens.

While the article stuck to the email abuse angle, once Huma’s name was mentioned a new dimension of darkness settled over the scandal that should be causing jitters throughout the Executive branch measurable on the Richter scale.

If you’re asking why, think Muslim Brotherhood. Less than two months before the Benghazzi attack Huma Abedin’s familial links to the Muslim Brotherhood were publicized in a Walid Shoebat interview.

Couple that with the Muslim Brotherhood members who access(ed) the White House and you have to wonder what their influence was on Obama’s Middle East policy. The comments at the Conservative Treehouse site are worth a read.

If this is a Chicago politics style hit on Hillary to stop her presidential run, who knows? We might finally get to see Obama’s real birth certificate. Or bodies might start piling up in Fort Marcy Park.

Betrayal Papers and More


“[The Egyptian court ruling] places little value on the Resistance against practices of the Zionist enemy, and sacrifices it puts forth, exerting life and treasure to liberate al Aqsa, the Holy Places and all occupied Palestinian territory. Thus, we refuse to recognize the rulings of the judges of the military coup and all their ludicrous rulings, stressing that we will continue to besiege the military coup until it topples, considering it part of the Zionist project…,” reads the Brotherhood statement.

In January, an Egyptian court labelled Hamas’ military wing a terrorist organization. However, judicial sources reveal that Saturday’s ruling encompasses the entire organization, Reuters reports…

And yet the MB continues to influence our Nation through the Executive office. details the MB takeover enabled by strategic appointments made by Obama.

…What would be powerful enough to exert this influence over the American economy? What entity could be that pervasive as to reach into big business across the nation?

In February 2010, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce established their first legal Chamber in Doha, Qatar. Qatar, the reader should be reminded, is a prolific financier of terror. Qatar is also home to the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, now an Interpol fugitive. The Chamber represents American business and also has an explicitly political and diplomatic mission. In the words of the Chamber’s Executive Vice President and COO, David Chavern, AmCham Qatar is “another concrete example of positive U.S. Engagement with the Muslim world.”

Among the companies and organizations which are premier sponsors of AmCham Qatar are ExxonMobil, The Boeing Corporation, Carnegie Mellon Qatar, Northwestern University in Qatar, and Fluor. Moreover, the following companies have significant involvement with the State of Qatar: Lockheed Martin, Bloomberg, Bank of America, Miramax, among many more.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with its close ties to Qatar, is by far the largest lobbying spender in Washington ($136.3 million in 2012). Business is a bipartisan pursuit, which means that money from Qatar – which is arguably today’s most prolific financial sponsor of Islamic terror – carries great weight in both Republican and Democrat circles…

Read more: