Will CAIR, MAS and the State Department Threaten to Hold Their Collectivist Breath?

Do you recall how last month, after the United Arab Emirates included CAIR and the Muslim American Society on their known terrorist organization list, the State Department leapt to their defense only to be ignored by the UAE?

Well, they’re all up for another effort and it is reminding me of the Stone Wall Treatment the American people are usually dealt when we try to get the truth out of the political gangsters involved with crimes, real crimes, like Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal or Benghazi.

Except in this case, the UAE is the party grounded in reality and the U.S. State Department doesn’t know how to deal with that. All they know is the bully tactics that worked so well for their Executive Branch comrades and the Emirates just aren’t paying them any attention.

Perhaps because CAIR/MAS weren’t rated very high on the experts terrorist list, #58 and #64, the State Department dandies think they can dicker the Emirates into submission like the Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR/MAS operatives dickered them into being their mouthpiece. So far it’s not working.

Here’s the latest; though I think they mixed up the headline. http://www.investigativeproject.org/4712/cair-mas-join-with-state-department-to-protest

Conversations That Make A Person Go Hmmm

From http://www.investigativeproject.org/4702/ipt-shillman-fellow-pete-hoekstra-on-fox-business

Hoekstra: Oh I think that’s absolutely right. We’ve seen the kinds of attacks here in the United States like Fort Hood, but there are others. There are Americans who have gone to Syria, who have gone to Iraq, who have fought with ISIS. We have to watch those individuals as they come back.

Varney: Congressman, can I interrupt for one second? You say we’ve got to watch those individuals. Are we allowed to do that? Does our Constitution permit us to single out people under suspicion, go after them, check their mail, check their emails, check their associations, follow their phone calls? Can we do that?

Hoekstra: Well on each one of those cases you have to see exactly how much evidence they have. Clearly if they’re providing material support to terrorist organizations you would think that the day that they set foot back on United States soil they would be arrested. But with a lot of these individuals we don’t have that much information on them. We know that they were over there. We suspect them of things and then they all become an individual case where we present the evidence, the background material to a court, to a judge, to see if we can actually get an opportunity to surveil them and get additional information. So each one of those will be an individual case and sometime it’s very difficult to have enough information to actually prove that these people are a threat. It’s hard…

Actually, Congressman, I don’t think it’s as hard as you think. What I mean is, to paraphrase George Orwell, some animals are more protected by the Constitution than others.

Peeling Back the Ferguson Onion

It’s called setting up a false choice. Meaning when the situation presents itself the criminal politicians will exploit it for their advantage through action/inaction, selected enforcement of obscure local ordinances, outright threats and acts of intimidation. It’s all part of the old Hegelian Dialectic. Create a problem, spread the pain then offer a solution. It works fine for the Statists. Not so well for US.

On to the story.

Chances are you watched Ferguson, MO. burn. Maybe you even saw approaching fire trucks stop and turn back a few blocks from the fire location because of shots fired. At that point, you probably started wondering where was the National Guard we all heard was called up.

Maybe you learned later, after sections of Ferguson were giving off the Dresden vibe, the Missouri Lieutenant Governor accused the federal government apparatchik of ordering the NG to sit this one out; effectively and unmistakably signaling to their perpetually angry dream team the message ‘burn, baby, burn’. And the city burned.

Well, a lot of the city burned. Did you see the armed shop owners protecting their tattoo parlor and gun store? Those shops didn’t burn.

Gutierrez, Weinstein and their group arrived to find thieves tearing through a Dollar General in the same strip mall that houses their business. Weinstein says the looters attempted moving toward the shop, but were scared off by the guns. Then the police arrived.

“There were like two SWAT vans, two dozen cop cars,” said one woman. The cops apparently checked out the situation and then tore off to some other crisis...

You can’t argue with success, right?

Actually, it’s done quite a bit by the federal government. Particularly when the federales can detect something other than self-interest is disrupting their fire sale.

You see, just a few days before the rioting, Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers organization, put out a call for volunteers to go down to Ferguson. The local Oath Keeper leader saw the need that business owners had for armed support and who better than Oath Keepers experienced in dealing with urban violence? He contacted the national office and the word went out.

The volunteers headed to Ferguson and wound up on the roof of a strip mall. They were protecting not only the structure but the people who lived over the businesses. At first, things went well for them. The strip mall was spared and the local police appreciated their help. But after a few days, the federales arrived and began their campaign against the Oath Keepers evident success at keeping the dreamers from destroying the strip mall. After all, there was still a chance the riot could resume.

As reported by the Oath Keepers present, the federales campaign included setting up sniper teams on neighboring roof tops and pointing their weapons at the Oath Keepers. They were also describing the Oath Keepers as domestic terrorists.

Read and hear the Oath Keepers interview here

And for you cowboys who do not yet know your enemy, here’s a video of real terrorists in action. They take lives and destroy property. Not save lives and secure property. Secrets of the Dead.