False Flag Alert

Strange goings on.

Our borders have been being crossed for years now by unfriendlies from unfriendly countries. The State Department has been flying them in, too.

Recently, the Islamic State jumped to center stage from the peanut gallery. Last week, though, in Iraq, they were visited by U.S. air forces who encouraged them to withdraw their forces under heavy bombing. Or so it was reported.

Now, with 9-11-14 approaching, the Islamic State is projected to be the anniversary villain attacking US. What? Did all those terrorists lying in wait succumb to the good life? Did they go moderate under the Great Satan’s lavish extravaganza of its tempting sweet slices of life?

And that’s only part of the mystery. Here’s a little something that will probably end up as part of the Hocus Pocus page:


Locate Government Released Killers

From http://www.cis.org/vaughan/town-near-you-ice-reveals-locations-convicted-murderers-it-freed

The 169 aliens with homicide-related convictions who were freed by ICE in 2013 were booked out of detention facilities in 24 different states, with the largest number in California, according to information provided to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). ICE records show that these convicted killers were associated with 96 different cities and towns across America. The city with the largest concentration was Miami, with seven convicted murderers freed by ICE, followed by Los Angeles with six…

Keep in mind these locations are based on addresses provided prior to their incarceration. There is also a discrepancy between the number of killers listed in the original ICE document that announced the release of the 36,007 imprisoned invaders and the number of released killer invaders ICE recently provided to Senator Grassley.

Of the 36,007 invaders listed for release 193 were imprisoned for homicide convictions. The Grassley list only has 169 killers on it.

Makes a person wonder how many of the missing twenty-four are OTM.

Meet the Islamic State

From http://www.9-11commission.gov/report/911Report_Ch12.htm

“It is not a position with which Americans can bargain or negotiate. With it there is no common ground-not even respect for life-on which to begin a dialogue. It can only be destroyed or utterly isolated.”

A decade after the 9-11 Commission report was released the Islamic State approaches. Forty minute introduction to the hardline Sunni jihadists.

Vice News Report from Syria

Back to that 9-11 Commission report. If you do a search on the members, you’ll find quite a bit of hocus-pocus involvement which would explain wishy-washy entries like the highlighted sentences below:

…Our report shows a determined and capable group of plotters. Yet the group was fragile, dependent on a few key personalities, and occasionally left vulnerable by the marginal, unstable people often attracted to such causes. The enemy made mistakes-like Khalid al Mihdhar’s unauthorized departure from the United States that required him to enter the country again in July 2001, or the selection of Zacarias Moussaoui as a participant and Ramzi Binalshibh’s transfer of money to him. The U.S. government was not able to capitalize on those mistakes in time to prevent 9/11.

We do not believe it is possible to defeat all terrorist attacks against Americans, every time and everywhere. A president should tell the American people:
•No president can promise that a catastrophic attack like that of 9/11 will not happen again. History has shown that even the most vigilant and expert agencies cannot always prevent determined, suicidal attackers from reaching a target.
•But the American people are entitled to expect their government to do its very best. They should expect that officials will have realistic objectives, clear guidance, and effective organization. They are entitled to see some standards for performance so they can judge, with the help of their elected representatives, whether the objectives are being met…

The expectations of We, the People, should not be limited, or defined, by a government separate and apart from us. When their failures to provide security at our borders and protection from our enemies are allowed to be explained away with a couple of mea culpas after disaster strikes and at the same time increase their efforts to disarm the People, we enable tyranny to grow more bold.

Until our borders are secured and the OTM’s from the special interest countries who breached our borders are rounded up and deported, the threat from muslim terrorists should not be ignored or played down. We should not rely on the government for protection. Their message, as spelled out above is, they are not capable of defeating all terrorist attacks against Americans, every time and everywhere. Don’t be a victim of their malfeasance. Prepare a local defense network.

With their refusal to secure our borders for the last 20 or so years, they have assured an opportunity for that dire prediction made by the 9-11 Commission to come true.


Update 22Aug2014

Syrian forces kill IS public relations guy.


Here’s a picture of Mosa and friends in headier days, some time after Benghazi.


Yes, that’s John McCain.

New here on 23 Aug 2014


Update 28 Aug 2014


Update 29 Aug 2014


Meanwhile, Back at El Rancho

From http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2014/08/la-tuta-lord-of-videos-captures.html.

…”Information is power”, this is the starting point of “La Tuta’s” strategy, who, in key moments, has dispersed video images or compromising photograph of meetings, such as the ones he had with Reyna and VallejoMora. In that sense, the video recently released by Reporte Indigo also stands out; it shows PAN deputies at a party with prostitutes, after an alleged meeting for legislative work, a party also attended by an alleged drug trafficker…

A universal comment regarding the Mexican Public Ministry arrest of Dr. Mireles on June 27 from Federal Judge Orders Mireles Torture Investigation.

…How could you arrest this man? There was a chance for people to say enough is enough. But people were not motivated or interested to get off their ass to protest, a country wide protest against political immorality. Now, his supporters are forced to partake in this sham of lawful procedure from the ever so upstanding and transparent Mexican government…

But concern requires a conference of civil organizations and the Conference on Security and Justice Autodefensas: From Impulse to Persecution is one more small step in defense of the detached Mexican people.

…The PT Senator Layda Sansores noted that Mireles isn’t just a name but a struggle.

“San Martin once said that when a government turns away from justice, it becomes a government of criminals, and we are governed by a bunch of criminals”, she added.

And, finally, from http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2014/08/what-is-happening-in-valle-de-bravo.html

I found this article interesting because is shows that the lawlessness in Mexico is beginning to affect the social and economic elite. As the article shows, Valle de Bravo is a favorite retreat for Mexico City’s financial and social elite.–un vato.

Time now to return our attention to a very different U.S. where some are working to enable our transformation into something similar to Mexico, some are trying to resist it but too many still blindly believe…

One Comment

Homeland Security should start redefining their targets of concern in their domestic terrorist profiling system. Oh wait, they get input from these guys…


Now, the good guys are bad, the bad guys get a pass, up is down and we’re supposed to stand around with our thumbs up our butts as our Country is invaded waiting for the intelligence agencies to determine the threat level from an organization that puts babies heads on pikes.


If you haven’t read Prudence and Perfidy yet, now may be a good time.